Collection of Post-War Letters of Tribute/Autographs from Roundhead Comrades in "Recognition of Service" Book Dedicated by State of Pennsylvania and Soldiers and Sailors Home Board of Trustees, Erie, PA

Transcribed for the Col. N.J. Maxwell Museum Page by David L. Welch

   I am pleased to find inscribed on one of the pages of this book, an expression of the esteem in which my friend and comrade, General N.J. Maxwell, was held by the Board of the Trustees of the Pennsylvania Soldiers and Sailors Home, Erie, Pennsylvania, in which institution he was for many years a faithful official, and to add thereto a tribute to him as a gallant soldier during the Civil War.

     As an officer he was mild but firm; brave without weakness; quick in perception and alert in execution. He wore, always, the "Red Badge of Courage". He had a due regard for the welfare of the men under his command whether on the march, in the camp or on the firing line, and possessed these qualities which endeared him to them and made them loyal, obedient and patriotic officers.

     It is a distinct pleasure for me, one of the surviving officers of his company and regiment, to make this brief statement. The friendship existing between us embraces not only the years of the war but the years that have since elapsed and shall never perish a friendship born of the march and the bivouac, nurtured by the common trials we endeared and cemented with blood.


John W. Morrison

Formerly Lieutenant Company E

100th Regiment Penna., Veteran Volunteers.



March Thirty-first

One thousand nine hundred and eleven

     If those who have preceded me in placing on record their tributes of respect and affection for General Norman J. Maxwell, my comrade and friend of nearly fifty years, have left little or no room for me to speak of his manifold virtues as a man and a soldier without repeating their words, the pleasure still remains to me of saying "I know that what they have written is true".


Jefferson Justice

Formerly First Lieutentant and R. Q. M.

100th Regiment, Penna Veteran Volunteers


Philadelphia. May 3, 1911


Jan. 17. - -1919

     I have known Col. Norman J. Maxwell since years before the Civil War and during and after the war. Have known intimately since the the war. He is always the same friendly gentleman. I believe that I am a better man I would have ___ had I never known him.


Lieut. John Cochran

Co. G. 100th regt. Pa. Vol


January Sat. the 18th 1918


     I am glad to have the pleasure of joining in with the others of the Old Roundheads and say that I have known Col. Maxwell from the time we entered the service in August. 1861 - to the Fall of 1864 -.

     And nothing does me more good than to see Sargent Norman J. Maxwell - being promoted time after time which he justley deserved. The boys all loved him and was willing to obey all of his commands for they always knowed his judgment could not be excelled.

     And as a citizen I have learned to love him. He has no fault. And I don't believe he ever had any. I always meete him with the same smile today that he had yesterday. That is one of his manly traits.

     I think my little eulogy would not be complete without stating that I no that the Col. Likes chicken for he helped me to pick the meat off of a rosted chicken on our way to Vixburgh

Very Truly your well wisher


W.R. Anderson

Co. G. 100. P.V. or Roundhead Reg.


Jan. 24 - 1919 -

     It surely gives me great pleasure to have the privilege of adding my mite to the eulogy bestowed by the Brave Boys of the old Roundhead Regiment in honor of one who performed his duty so faithfully during the dark days of the Civil War when many brave officers fell on the Battlefield which required other capable men to fill their places then that spirit of determination to do his duty at all times became evident and Sergent Norman J. Maxwell was called up step by step until, he became Brigadier General. And by his soldierly bearing and courage commanded the respect of all his men.

     Now to be brief will say after 54 years as a citizen of Grove City we all have the same love and respect for him as did the boys on the Battlefield.


A.B. McKay

Co. H. 1000 Reg P.V.V

Grove City, Pa.


January 21st 1919

     It is a pleasure to add my tribute of respect for one who was a comrade from August 1861 to July 1865 who in the service of his country rose from the ranks to Colonel and Brevet Brigadier General - by his qualities as a gentleman and a Soldier.

     Genl Norman J. Maxwell could always be depended upon . His sole aim was to do what he could and do it as well as he could for his comrades and the Union.



W.H. Huffman

Late 2nd Sergt. Co. D. 100th Pa Veteran Vols

or Roundhead Regt.


717 North 18th Strt.

Harrisburg Penna

     As a member of Co. B of the 100, P. V. Inf. I join in giving my testimony to the worth of Gen. Norman J. Maxwell. I knew him from the Wilderness to the the Appomatox. In the times of adversity or victory, he was always at the head of his command. We loved him as a soldier, we admire him as a citizen.


Wm. C. Martin

Private Co. B. 100 P.V. Inf.

     To express in words which would aptly portray my feelings toward a noble man to whom this book is lovingly dedicated I feel wholly incomptetent, but "Out of the fullness of the heart the mouth speaketh," and I herewith add my meed to what has already been loyally inscribed. Serving in the gallant old Roundhead Regiment (100th Pa. Vet. Vols), in which he was successively, Sergent, Lieutenant, Captain, Major, and Colonel, I had aboundant opportunity to know and appreciate the soldierly qualifications of GENERAL NORMAN J. MAXWELL, who was a true knight, matchless and firm, yet withall tender and devoted to the rank and file under his command. He had a dauntless spirit of resolution, and by his bravery in action and untiring solicitude on the tiresome march or bivouac, he won the hearts of his men. Of such material heroes are made.


T.S. Cook,

Co. D., 100th Pa. Vet. Vols. (Roundheads).


May 12, 1911

Other Autographs

J.A. Hindman

Co. E 100th Pa Vol

Grove City, PA


James Offutt, Lieut

Co. E 100 Pa. Vol

Eugene Lane Co. Oregon


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