Civil War-era Newspaper Clippings Scrapbook

This newspaper clippings scrapbook was sold on eBay to Roundhead descendant Tami McConahy in November of 2000.  It is an incredible volume of period newspaper articles that originate from the New Castle Area in Lawrence County, PA.   The original owner of the scrapbook is unknown, but the web author presumes it was likely a mother and father of a Civil War soldier of the 100th PA based on the majority of articles pertaining to that regiment.  Tami has graciously transcribed articles pertinent to the 100th PVI, for inclusion into the 100th Pennsylvania Website!

Early war letters to editor: June 15, 1861 by Capt. Leasure and June 20, 1861 partial letter (likely also by Capt. Leasure)

Pages 1 and 6 of the Scrapbook includes pre-war rosters of Company A, Lawrence Guards and Company E, Capt. Bentley's Company

Page 7 of the Scrapbook includes correspondence written from U.S. Naval Academy in October of 1861, prior to the Roundheads heading off to War in South Carolina--no listed author but presumed to be Col. Leasure.

Page 8 of the Scrapbook includes a war-time obituary and letter of James McMillen and a Nov. 31, 1861 letter from Chaplain Robert Audley Browne to the editor.

Page 10:  Wartime Poem by John McKee, Company C to his father T.J. McKee

Page 11 and 12:  Wartime Obituary/Death Announcements of Mr. William Semple, Robert Reynolds; Rev. R.A. Browne's account of the Battle of Port Royal, January 1, 1862; Dec. 18 1861 letter from Samuel J. Book, Co. E to a friend.

Page 21:  Roundhead Camp Song No. 2, "The Banner of the Free" by James B. Marsh, Air-Old Pine Tree

Pages 24 and 25: Roll of Company H, Muster Roll of Company C

Page 29 and 30:  Death Announcement of Robert Reynolds; Company B Roster, M.M. Dawson; Return of Rev. Brown; Lieut. Banks and Philander Duff Death Announcements

Pages 32 and 34:  April 13, 1862 correspondence by Roundhead J.S.G.; Poem by C.E. Lutton;

Page 35:  Battle Account of the June 4, 1862 Battle of Secessionville as printed in New Castle Courant Newspaper, June 17, 1862; Death Announcement of William S. Gilgore, Co. G.

Page 37:  Death Announcement of Robert Pearson who was a former patient of Dr. (Col.) Daniel Leasure, the 100th PVI Commander.  Pearson was shot in the head and killed instantly at the Battle of Pittsburg Landing (Shiloh) serving with another regiment; Account of the Sinking of the West Point Steamer with Numerous Roundheads Lost and Saved.

Pages 38 and 39:  Battle Account of the June 4, 1862 Battle of Secessionville as printed in New Castle Courant Newspaper, June 28, 1862; Wartime letter from John McKee to his parents, April 27, 1862; Letters from Capt. James Cline, Co. F to Col. Leasure including an account of being taken prisoner in the Port Royal, SC area;

Page 41: Another account of the Potomac River collision of the steamers West Point and Peabody; Reports on the 2nd Battle of Bull Run; Sept. 1, 1862 letter to the mother of soldier Lt. E. J. Spence from a civilian caregiver regarding Spence's wounding at Bull Run and the subsequent death announcement; announcement of New Castle area physicians going to the battlefield of Bull Run to render assistance to the wounded.

Page 43 and 44: Rev. R. Audley Browne's May 1862 visit and report to New Castle newspaper regarding activities in South Carolina; Sept. 6, 1862 letter from Thomas McKee to his parents, Battle account of the Battle of Ox Hill (Chantilly) from Rev. R. Audley Browne; Death Announcement--Lt. David McCreary; Letter from Capt. D.M. Cubbison to his father June 25, 1862.

Page 48: Death Announcement of Capt. Vangorder; brief acknowledgement of a letter recieved by Sgt. Robert F. Moffat, a prisoner held in South Carolina with Capt. Cline's Company (F)

Page 50: Early war--1862? editorial about goings-on in New Castle regarding the Civil War

Pages 53 and 55: Summary of letter by Col. Leasure regarding Battles of Bull Run and Ox Hill (Chantilly); Death announcement of James A. Henry, Co. B; Summary of the Battle on Charleston (Secessionville), published June 16, 1862; Rev. R. Audley Browne summary of the wounded and killed in S. Carolina from the Battle of Secessionville; Death Announcements of J. Calvin Sampson, Co. F and Alex Gordon, Co. K

Page 64: Official Report of Col Leasure, Commanding 1st Brigade, Stevens Division, 9th Army Corps, from Bull Run Aug. 29, 1862; Official Reports of Lt. Col. David Leckey, commanding 100th PVI from South Mountain and Antietam, MD; 100th PVI casualty list for Battles of Bull Run (2nd) VA, Chantilly (Ox Hill) VA and South Mountain, MD; Sept. 5, 1862 letter from Rev. Browne to his wife; Sept. 5, 1862, account of wounded from J.S. Taggert; Sept. 6, 1862 death announcement of John F. Clark by Roundhead with initial S.J.C.; Aug. 18, 1862 death announcement of William R. Somers, who died of his wounds suffered in Secessionville battle two months earlier; letter from Rev. Browne

Page 69: Portion of letter of Capt. James Cline, Co. F, regarding his Confederate prison ordeal in 1862.

Page 78: Death announcement of James S. VanGorder; Announcement of King McDowell's wound healing and arriving home; Page 84: Death announcement of Marcus Shaw; letter from J.C.G. (possibly Joseph C. Gormley) dated January 30, 1863 to his uncle; Page 90: More casualty lists from the Battles of Secessionville, 2nd Bull Run, Chantilly and South Mountain

Page 94: The Bible on the Battle-field, by Mrs. J.H. Hanaford--commentary and poem; Page 110: Death announcement of Capt. Dawson from Battles in front of Petersburg, VA (Mine Explosion or Crater); Page 112:  casualty lists of the100th PVI after the Battle of the Crater

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