HQ Mess -- "Roundheads" at Beaufort, S.C., January 1862. Left to Right: Chaplain R. A. Browne, J.H. Stevenson, "Bob", the regimental cook, Col. Daniel Leasure, and surgeon Horace Ludington.  Sitting in front is Mrs. Nellie Leith, the unit nurse.  Photocopy courtesy of Joseph Leasure, lateral descendant of Col. Leasure, from original USAMHI photo, Carlisle Barracks, PA.

Note:  Picture also appears in May 1990 issue of "America's Civil War" magazine from article entitled, "The 100th Pennsylvania, like their Cromwellian ancestors, found glory and pain in a civil war." by Matt Queen, Brian O'Roark, Jeff Bricker & Meridith Oswald

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