1923 Letter by Colonel Norman J. Maxwell to a distant cousin, Margaret Maxwell, daughter of a James Justin Maxwell.  Margaret apparently wrote to the Colonel, inquiring about his knowledge of family history and a possible connection to Miss Margaret Maxwell and here father James Justin Maxwell.  This fascinating new find is contributed by Tom Wann, a genealogist studying his Maxwell connections and is a rare and precious contribution in the eyes of the websmith, great great grandson David L. Welch.  Thank you so much for the contribution Tom!

Transcribed for the Col. N.J. Maxwell Museum Page by Tom Wann; posted by the Websmith, David L. Welch


Miss Maxwell                                                      February 13, 1923

I do not know of any of the Maxwell family that was in the Revolutionary War. My mother's brother was in the War of 1812.

My grandfather's name was James. My name is Norman. I was Colonel of the 100th

Pennsylvania Regiment, the old Roundheads. I have a cousin, Wilson Maxwell, who was Colonel of the 103rd Regiment. He died at Harrisville in 1864. That is in Butler Co.


Civil War Era Image of:

 Lt. Colonel Wilson C. Maxwell, 103rd Pennsylvania Regt. PA Vols.

My father had some cousin near Fairview by the name of James Maxwell. I stayed all night at his house when I was a boy not over fifteen years.

I was down to Butler or near there all last week. I have a granddaughter in East Butler by the name of Glenn. They take their children to Butler School.

I cannot give you any light on the subject that you want. Would be glad to if I could. I am almost 89 years old.

Yours very truly,

[signed]      Norman J. Maxwell

I wish you luck

[this is a copy of the letter written to Margaret Maxwell by a relative.)

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