Wartime Images and Colt Pistol of Corporal James C. Weakley, Company E

Photographs contributed by Martin Anderson, Great Great Grandson of Corporal Weakley



Left:  Image of Pvt. Weakley taken at time of re-enlistment in 1864.  Note E 100 PVV on top of kepi, "PVV" standing for Pennsylvania Veteran Volunteer

Right: Image of Pvt. Weakley taken after his first campaign (per Martin Anderson), wearing popular civilian hat

Top:  Image of Pvt. Weakley's Colt pistol

Bottom:  Closeup of Pvt. Weakley's engraved name on brass of pistol butt


Websmith Note:  Private Weakley is promoted to Corporal near the end of the war, on May 1, 1865.

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