Cline Brothers of Company K

Janet (Cline) Sasaki Family Collection,

All Rights Reserved, Used With Permission

Post-war image of Pvt. Isaac Cline, Co. K

Seated Image of Isaac's brother Pvt. James Cline, seated on left of 5th PA Heavy Artillery, Co. L.

Websmith Note:  Seated soldier to the right and standing soldier to the right are holding wearing forage caps (bummers) with artillery insignia (crossed cannons), Company "L" designation and the number "5" for regiment designation.   


Isaac's brother Pvt. James Cline with unusual decorative tunic; Nicely tinted image of Martha Alexander Cline, his wife

Websmith Note: there was three other brothers not pictured:  Corporal William Cline, Co. K; Pvt. John W. Cline, Co. K and Richard Cline of the 62nd PA Volunteers, Co. B. 

General Notes on Isaac Cline (pictured at left)

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