A Centennial Celebration of Beaver County was held June 19 -22, 1900. The following is an excerpt from The History of Beaver County Pennsylvania and Its Centennial Celebration by Joseph H. Bausman (Transcribed by Tami McConahy)

Page 1090

Wednesday, June 20th Military Day


"This famous regiment, familiarly and endearingly called the "Roundheads," met in the Methodist Episcopal Church of Beaver at 11 A.M., with a fair representation of the comrades present, besides some of their wives and families. A large delegation from New Castle, with the flag and banner of the regiment, arrived during the meeting.

The officers for the past year were Philip Crowl of Beaver, President; R.A. Smith of Rochester, 1st Vice-President; J.C. Stevenson of New Castle, Secretary; Hon. Ira Cunningham of Wampum, Treasurer; Rev. Robert Audley Browne, D.D., of New Castle, Chaplain. The latter was not able to be present on account of sickness, but sent a letter of regret and greeting. Similar letters were received from others.

In the absence of Philip Crowl, who was with the escort to General Miles, Vice-President R.A. Smith presided. Much routine business was done, and the names of those members of the regiment who had died during the year were read. They were Samuel W. Jackson, Wampum; John A. Armstrong, New Castle; George Wilds, Isaac Powell, Captain Sherlock, David Watt, and James T. Lindsay.

The following officers were elected for the ensuing year: President, George Kelso, Mercer; 1st Vice-President, Charles Clawson, Mercer; 2d Vice-President, A. Donaldson, Mercer; Secretary, J.C. Stevenson, New Castle; Treasurer, Ira Cunningham of Wampum; Chaplain, Rev. Robert Audley Browne, D.D., New Castle.

It was decided to hold the next meeting at Mercer on the third Wednesday of August. Previous to adjournment, President Philip Crowl arrived and took charge of the exercises. After adjournment the ladies of the church served dinner to the veterans in the church dining room."


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