June 11, 1864 Letter from Sgt. William Eastlick, Co. G to his Family Written in Mount Pleasant Hospital near Washington D.C. following the Battle of Cold Harbor, VA 

Thanks to Chuck Eastlick for transcribing and contributing this information on his great great granduncle William Eastlick for the 100th Pennsylvania Website!

Photo on Right: Post-war family photo of William Eastlick, who was shot in the mouth at the Battle of Cold Harbor, VA June 2, 1864.

*Website Curator's Note:  This letter has been transcribed without editing original spelling errors, punctuation etc.


Mount Plesant Hospital

Near Washington D C

June 11th, 1864



Dear friends at home.  I seat my self once more to write you a few lines to let you no where I am and how I am getting a long.  I was wounded on the second of June.  The ball went into my mouth and out through my cheek.  It knocked out nearly all my teeth on one side. My wound is verry painful.  It is verry hard for me to eat any thing.  I cant eat any thing but something that is verry soft and then it has to be mixed up thin so I can drink it.  But I think I will be better in a few days.  Don't give yourself any trouble about me for I dont think there is any danger of me without I should starve to death.  But there is not danger of me starving they give me more now than I can eat.  My mouth is that sore that I cant eat but very little at a time.


I was wounded on the Parrinasily (?) about seven miles from Richmond and about three miles from Coal Harbor.  We made a charge on the rebles rifle pits.  I didnt charge very fare until I was laid out.  I supose you herd it before now.


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I would have written sooner but I didnt feel able to set up enough to write a letter.  You (rest of sentence is unclear due to fading and on a crease) until you hear from me again for expect to leave here in a few days.  I think they will send me to Philadelphia in a few days.  My face pains me so I cant write any more.  So I will bring this letter to a close.  I send my best wishes to all enquireing friends.

                                                                                                            William Eastlick

                                                                                                            Alexander Eastlick (William's father)


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