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Ulam, Joseph M 38                   Westmorelan Co., PA 1818 July 16, 1888 Dayton OH   X 1268769         Buried in National Cemetery, Dayton, OH; his father Daniel was a veteran of the Revolutionary War and War of 1812.
Ullery, Andrew C 16 ruddy 5' 4 1/2" blue light farmer         Germany   June 28, 1864 Petersburg VA     9581095         Pension card is wrong--death date of May 6, 1892 in Zlienople, PA; ACWRD lists deathdate as 6-28-1864, killed at Petersburg, VA; buried at Meade Station, VA
Urey, Michael K 42                     1832 Nov. 5, 1889 Mercer Co. PA     82381344         Likely match as listing.  Needs to be confirmed.