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Irvin, James C 19 March 15, 1898 not found 1865 Substitute, "Irwin"
Irvin, William B. F 18 light 5' 8 1/2" grey brown farmer Eastbrook, Pa. X       1843 March 17, 1865 Neshannock Twp, Lawrence Co. PA   X Not Found         Per ACWRD, 1861 recruit discharged 1862; died a few days after getting home as POW.buried in Eastbrook PA;  POW at Petersburg 7-30-1864; exchanged.
Irvine, Baxter F 29                     1843 March 17, 1865 Neshannock Twp, Lawrence Co. PA     Not Found         per ACWRD 1864 recruit; same as William B. Irvine, 
Irwin, John F 18 light 5' 5 1/2" blue sandy farmer Scott Twp., Pa.           25-Mar-1905         Not Found         Per ACWRD, 1864 recruit
Irwin, William M 22 April 27, 1898 Gambles PA not found On 3/21/1865 he was drafted into "M" Co.;He was discharged on 6/30/1865; Other Information: died 4/27/1898 in Gambles, PA