Name (wartime image if available) Co. Age at Enlist
Height Eyes Hair Occu-
Link to Bio Migration Location (1890 Census or Other) Migra-tion State Birth Location (location/state) Birth Date Death Date Death Location Death State Link to Obituary Link to Grave Photo Findagrave # Post-War Photo (s) Letters and Diaries Artifacts Links to other information Other Notes
H. M. M'Carty (Muc) Unacc                                   not found         1864 recruit--unassigned--no other information available.
Hager, Louis A 28                       July 30, 1864 Petersburg VA     not found         No other information per ACWRD
Hager, Simon P. K 19               Fayette Co., Wharton     Sept 23, 1845 5-Jun-1928 Farmington PA     not found         Per ACWRD, birth date and burial location in Fayette Co, Bethel Church Cemetery, Wharton Twp; 1861 substitute?; age 15 at enlistment.
Hair, John M 18                       31-Aug-1920 Batavia NY     16810215         January 1865 substitute, mustered out w/Regiment July 24, 1865; findagrave info needs to be verified but suspect it is same individual, based on death year and location of Batavia from Alden--20 miles, ver close proximity
Hale, John M 33                                 not found         Feb 22, 1865 substitute, deserted May 23, 1865,.
Hall, Daniel A 35                       1885         not found         wounded at Weldon Railroad Aug, 19, 1864;  all data from ACWRD.
Hall, George W. K 20                       24-May-1915 Allport PA     not found         ACWRD lists him as "Hail".  March 4, 1865 substitute; mustered out with regiment July 24, 1865.
Hall, John B 25         lab. Shenango, Pa.   Wheatland PA   March 3, 1835 1906 Wheatland PA     not found         Captured at Cold Harbor, 11 months in Andersonville Prison; buried Haywood Cemetery, Mercer Co.
Hall, John D 18 dark 5' 4" grey black painter         Canada   1910         not found         1865 Substitute
Hamilton, Horatio T. A 20                       June 2, 1864 Cold Harbor VA     not found         Buried in Grove United Presybyterian Cemetery, West Middletown, PA
Hamilton, Robert D 22         school teacher             1895 Seattle WA     5101382 X     Robert Hamilton is mentioned in this web article as joining the 33rd US Colored Regt in SC.  Suspect this is same Robert Hamilton as there are numerous other recognizable Roundheads in this same article. Per ACWRD, died in Seattle in 1895, post war photo contributor indicates his death was by suicide; was promoted to Captain of 33rd US Colored regiment in December of 1862.  Findagrave info indicates death is 1894..very close match.
Hamilton, Robert H. E 24                   Plaingrove, PA   15-Jul-1906 Kittaning PA     not found         Information per ACWRD, musician; deserted 4-16-1863 from camp in Kentucky
Hammond, Geo. M. I 22                       July 7, 1862 Hilton Head SC               Mustered in 8-31-1861
Hanaghan, James C 27 ruddy 5' 6 3/4" dark black gardener         Ireland             not found         1865 Substitute--deserted on 5-15-1865
Hand, Henry B 18                   Tioga Co. PA March 26, 1845           not found         1865 recruit. Birth info per ACWRD--also lived in West Field, PA
Hanen, Jeremiah L. A 21                       24-Jul-1902 Washington PA   X 49197138         buried in Arlington National Cemetery
Hanen, John F 19                                 Not Found         Per ACWRD, 1865 subtitute 3-2-1865, mustered out with regiment.
Haney, John A 18                                 not found         1865 Substitute--wounded at Fort Stedman, 3-25-1865; data per ACWRD.
Hanna, Abraham E 19 dark 5' 5 1/2" brown brown farmer         Plaingrove Twp, Lawrence Co. PA Sept 8, 1846 21-Oct-1914 Appanoose Co. IA   X 28564741 X       Per ACWRD, wounded at Spottsylvania CH, May 12, 1864; 1864 recruit.
Hanna, Alexander E 22 light 5' 9 1/2" blue light Toeman         Plaingrove Twp, Lawrence Co. PA May 28, 1842 6-Sep-1914 Nat Mil Home KS     not found X     Reunion Photo Per ACWRD, wounded at Spottsylvania CH, May 12, 1864; gun shot wound in right arm.; was on steamer "West Point" when it sank, 75 soldiers drowned.; after the war lived in Dodge City, KS
Hanna, Andrew D 44         laborer             August 13, 1862 Potomac River--Drowned VA     not found         No other information found.
Hanna, John E 20 light 5' 7" blue light farmer   X     Plaingrove Twp, Lawrence Co. PA 1844 20-Aug-1925 Corydon IA X X 67392973         Per ACWRD, buried in Corydon Cemetery, Corydon, IA
Hanna, Thomas E 23         farmer         Plaingrove, PA July 2, 1838 5-May-1912 Algona IA     24807351         Birth and death dates per ACWRD.  Lived in Algona, IA after war per ACWRD. Findagrave info seems to be a match with ACWRD data.
Hannah, John B. D 19               Beaver Co. Darlington PA   1843 10-Aug-1912         not found         Per ACWRD, birthdate and burial location in Rocky Spring Cem., New Galilee, Beaver Co., PA; "Hanna".
Hardimon, Joseph D 20                                 not found         1865 Subsitute
Haris, William M 39                                 not found         Per ACWRD, substitute mustered in March 9,1865; deserted May 15, 1865.
Harper, William H. B 21           Pulaski, Pa.           25-Jan-1911 Oil City, PA       not found         for Disability Nov. 30/62 S.C. of D.
Harpst, Daniel F 19 dark 5' 11" grey black farmer Mercer, Pa.         1842 2-Aug-1915 Richland Twp, Montcalm Co. MI     73697389         No other information found on ACWRD; no veteran info on findagrave listing.
Harris, James B 19 light 5' 9" dark dark miner         England             not found         Not on M.O. Roll. No further records available
Harris, Lemuel A 21               Lawrence Co., New Castle PA Sharon, PA   11-Jul-1936 New Castle PA     not found         Loss of right foot; most data found in ACWRD.
Harris, Samuel F. B 18           Pulaski, Pa.   Pulaski PA   July 6, 1843 9-Jan-1914 New Wilmington PA     16054225 X       Per ACWRD, wounded at Wilderness 5-6-1864--after 14 days took him to Fredericksburg; also genealogy info.
Harrison, Peter M 32                       June 16, 1862 James Island SC     not found         Killed at Secessionville Battle
Hart, Abraham G 24               Mercer Co., Worth   Hendersonville, PA Sept 18, 1839 20-Jul-1905 Mercer Co. PA   X 38206505         buried in Hendersonville Cemetery
Hart, James A 38                       1882 Washington Co.  PA     not found         wounded at Fort Stedman, 3-25-1865 per ACWRD.
Hartsein, Jacob A 38                       April 5, 1862 Beaufort SC     not found         Only sick a day or two before death per ACWRD.
Harvey, William F. D 21 light 5' 11" grey brown blacksmith     Allegheny Co. Mansfield PA Penna.   before 1890         not found         1890 census--widow Amelia H., per ACWRD 1864 recruit, no other info available.
Haskins, Alex I 45                                 not found         1861 recruit; no further information found.
Haskins, John R. I 18                       31-Dec-1900         83504631         On 12/7/1861 he mustered into "I" Co. PA --He was Mustered Out on 7/24/1865; Promotions:
Corpl 4/1/1865
Sergt 7/1/1865
Intra Regimental Company Transfers:
1/16/1863 from company I to company K ; findagrave info is possible based on same middle initial and death year but needs to be confirmed.
Hastings, Thomas C 18 fair 5' 11" blue brown laborer         Penna.   May 28, 1865 Washington DC     not found         buried in Arlington Nat Cem
Hatch, David C 18 fair 5' 4" grey brown farmer         Crawford Co., PA Dec 17, 1845 20-May-1923 Victor CO     not found         Birth date and location per ACWRD.
Hatch, John P. C 18 fair 5' 6" blue brown farmer           1846 May 3, 1895 Franklin PA   X 25650441         Death date possibly May 30, 1895 per ACWRD.
Haus, Thaddeus S. H 18                   Center County, PA Oct 24, 1845 October 4, 1864         16049777         He died of wounds on 10/4/1864 at Field Hospital, City Point, VA (Body brought home)
He was listed as: Wounded 10/2/1864 Poplar Grove Church, VA
Haus, Theoph's W. H 20                   Center County, PA Oct 6, 1846 13-Oct-11 Dayton OH     766489         On 3/29/1864 he mustered into "H" Co. PA 100th Infantry; He was Mustered Out on 7/24/1865; Other Information: died 10/13/1911 in  Soldiers And Sailors Home, Dayton, OH; After the War he lived in Mount Washington, Pittsburgh, PA
Hausen, Peter E 28                                 not found         March 6, 1865 substitute, mustered out with regiment July 24, 1865.
Hawley, Alonzo A. H 26               Bradford Co, Camptown, PA     1838 14-Mar-14 Camptown PA     72438748         buried in Camptown Cemetery, PA; After the War he lived in Wyalusing, PA
Hayden, Leonitus M 20               Allegeheny Co., Elizabeth   Elizabeth, PA Sept 18, 1843 11-Apr-1912 Elizabeth PA   X 73927171         On 2/22/1864 he mustered into "M" Co. PA 100th Infantry;He was Mustered Out on 7/24/1865; After the War he lived in Elizabeth, PA
Hayes, David B 30           Lackawannock Twp.       Mercer Co., PA   Feb 5, 1865 Petersburg VA     not found         or "Hays"; Enlisted on 11/6/1862 as a Private; On 11/6/1862 he mustered into "B" Co. PA 100th Infantry; He was Killed on 2/5/1865 at Petersburg, VA while on picket duty; born in Mercer County, PA; killed while on picket duty
Hayes, James M 20                                 not found         On 3/10/1865 he mustered as a substitute into "M" Co. PA 100th Infantry; (date and method of discharge not given); He was listed as:
* POW 3/25/1865 Fort Stedman, VA (No further record)
Healy, George W. M 38               Washington Co. Monongahela Twp.       Nov 8, 1890 Monongahela City PA     not found         Per ACWRD, 1861 recruit died in 1891
Healy, James M 28                       Dec 11, 1864 Andersonville GA     not found         On 9/5/1861 he mustered into "M"; He died a POW on 12/11/1864 at Andersonville, GA; He was listed as:
* POW (date and place not stated);Roll of Honor Information: Date of Death listed as 12/11/1864.
He was buried at: Andersonville National Cemetery, Andersonville, GA (Grave #12260)
Heasley, Emanuel B 25 dark 5' 5" brown black farmer Lawrence Co., Pa.       Pa.   July 28, 1864   VA   X 42822476       Orignally at City Point Cem; moved to Pulaski Cem, Lawrence Co., PA Died 7-28-64  disease unknown
Heck, Conrad H 31                   Germany Nov 26, 1833 March 4,1905 Erie PA     not found         Enlisted on 2/27/1864 as a Private; On 2/27/1864 he mustered as a substitute into "H" Co.;He was Mustered Out on 7/24/1865; Other Information: born 11/26/1833 in Germany; died 3/4/1905 in Soldiers And Sailors Home, Erie, PA
Heckart, Uriah H 18                     Sept 18, 1846 March 27, 1865 Petersburg VA   X not found         March 6, 1865 substitute; died from wounds rec. in action at Fort Stedman, VA; buried in Stone Valley Cem, Hickory Corners, PA
Heckathorn, George W. E 20                     April 4, 1844 5-Feb-1922 New Castle PA     60556789         lost leg at Hilton Head SC; per ACWRD, buried in Savannah Methodist Cemetery.; Shenango Twp, Lawrence Co., PA; supposedly the "last" man wounded in the regiment.
Heckathorn, Jacob E 27 dark 6' 2" black black farmer         Penna.             Not found         1864 Recruit--deserted, date unknown
Hedeman, William K 22                       1-Apr-1926 Pittsburgh PA     not found        
On 3/8/1865 he mustered as a substitute into "K" Co.;
He was Mustered Out on 7/24/1865
Heer, Charles A 20                       Aug 30, 1862 Bull Run VA     not found         killed in action; ACWRD indicates death on Aug 29,1862
Hege, Charles M. K 19                   Shenango Twp, Lawrence Co. PA June 20, 1847 1-Sep-1918 New Castle PA     not found         On 2/28/1864 he mustered into "K" Co.; He was discharged for disability on 1/14/1865; Buried: Oak Park Cemetery, New Castle, PA; After the War he lived in New Castle, PA
Heilman, James L. D 19 light 5' 7" blue light laborer       PA Beaver Co., Bridgewater, PA June 10, 1848 15-Sep-1928 St. Louis MO     68169812         1864 Recruit, lived in West Bridgewater, PA
Heise, Noah G 18         laborer Hopewell Twp, York Co.   York Co., Shrewsbury PA   June 29, 1844 8-Apr-1918 Baltimore MD   X 58427259         buried in Christ Evangelical Lutheran Cem, York Co. PA; loss of right eye by bursting of shell
Helfenberger, John D 28                                 not found         1865 Substitute
Heliker, Elias R. C 22 dark 5' 5" blue black farmer         New York   July 17, 1864 New York NY     not found         buried in Cypress Hills Cem, Long Island
Henderson, James D 35 dark 5' 8" grey brown laborer         Penna.   August 30, 1864 Danville VA   X 3267479         Captured July 30, 1864, died in prison, div 1, section B, grave 132
Henderson, James G 20                                 not found         On 2/2/1865 he mustered as a substitute into "G" Co.; He deserted on 3/24/1865
Henderson, Walker R. G 18               Mercer Co., Worth   Mercer Co., PA May 28, 1843 24-Apr-1926 Grove City PA   X 63018079        
Per ACWRD, On 8/31/1861 he mustered into "G" Co.; He was transferred out on 1/15/1864; On 1/15/1864 he transferred into Veteran Reserve Corps; He was discharged on 9/1/1864 at Dennison, OH Buried: Woodland Cemty, Pine Twp, Mercer Co, PA; After the War he lived in Grove City, PA
Hennon, Joseph W. E 25 light 5' 6" grey dark Toeman         Penna. January 7, 1836 September 16, 1862 Antietam Nat Cem MD   X not found         Died date unknown, Antietam Cem, grave 336, sec 26 lot c; per ACWRD died Septemberr 16, 1862 at Middletown, VA of wounds received at South Mountain, MD. 9-14-1862.
Hennon, Josiah M. E 21         Shoemaker     Lawrence Co. Mahoning Twp. PA   May 24, 1840 16-Jan-1918 Youngstown OH X X 33458901       Photo from taken 1862 Per ACWRD, POW captured 8-21-1864 at Weldon Railroad, imprisoned at Libby Belle Prison, released 3-10-1865, place not stated; also birth info.; buried in New Castle, PA
Henry, Alexander M 43               Montgomery, Nat Military Home OH     after 1890         not found         No other information found.
Henry, David D 35 dark 5' 9" dark black           Ireland August 9, 1824 June 2, 1864 Cold Harbor VA   X 9170347         Per ACWRD, killed defending a wagon train-shot through the head at Cold Harbor, VA 6-2-1864; also birth location and date info.
Henry, Elias F 44                       May 29, 1891 Hogestown PA   X 75508674         Per ACWRD, 1865 draftee; possible death in 1890.
Henry, James A. B 21         farmer Pulaski, Pa.           July 9, 1862 Hilton Head-Fever SC   X 2950287         Died 7-9-62 at Hilton Head, SC
Henry, Stephen B 44                       4-Apr-1901         not found         ACWRD lists death date as 4-11-1901
Herron, William D 27 light 5' 9" grey sandy farmer         Penna.   April 19, 1865 Washington  DC   X 35073182         Per ACWRD, died of disease, buried in Arlington Nat Cem.
Hickey, Patrick M 43               Armstrong Co., Brady's Bend     1822 1981 Armstrong Co. PA   X 15463844         Per ACWRD, buried in St Peter and Paul Cemetery, Armstrong Co., PA
Hickey, William M 20                                 not found         Per ACWRD, On 3/11/1865 he mustered as a substitute into "M" Co.; He deserted on 5/16/1865
Higgans, Edward E 19                                 Not found         or "Higgins"; Feb 1, 1865 Substitute--deserted 3-29-1865
Higgins, James A 24                                 not found         Per ACWRD, March 7, 1865 Substitute--mustered out with regiment on July 24, 1865
Hindman, Joseph A. E 19 dark 5' 4" dark brown farmer     Mercer Co, London PA Lawrence Co. PA Dec 25, 1847 26-Aug-1920 Grove City PA   X 22099312 X       Per ACWRD, birth information.buried in Woodland Cemetery, Mercer Co. PA; middle name "Alexander"; findagrave info has genealogy.
Hindman, Rob't J. E 22 dark 5' 7 1/2" blue dark Toeman         Lawrence Co., PA   Dec. 13, 1864         not found       killed per Oct. 15, 1884 reunion photo. Per ACWRD, killed by sharpshooter while on picket, shot in the head.; buried in Harlansburg, PA
Hines, George E 34 dark 6' 1" grey black Toeman         Butler Co., PA   Nov 7, 1897 Beaver Co. PA     not found         daughter "Ella" per ACWRD and death location. Buried in Beaver Co.
Hodge, James A. F 23 dark 5' 8 3/4" brown brown farmer Washington Twp., Pa. X Lawrence Co. Pulaski Twp.     Dec 23, 1839 4-Jul-1913 Pulaski PA   X 16054747         "Alex"; buried in Pulaski Cem, Lawrence Co. PA; gunshot wound in right shoulder; injury of back; grave lists him as Leiut.
Hoff, Michael M 20                                 not found         March 8, 1865 substitute--deserted May 15, 1865.
Hogan, John M 21                                 not found         Feb 1, 1865 substitute--deserted June 4, 1865
Hogan, Patrick Unacc                                   not found         December 23, 1863 recruit--unassigned per ACWRD.
Hoge, James C 32         miller     Lawrence Co., New Castle PA Butler Co. PA July 4, 1829 27-Jul-1906 Eastbrook PA     not found         "Hogue"; per ACWRD birth and death dates/locations; buried in Zion Baptist Cem, Worth Twp, Butler Co., PA; genealogy info listed; discharged 4-30-1863.
Holland, John H 27                                 not found         March 9, 1865 substitute-deserted May 18, 1865.
Holliday, William I 21                       Sept 10, 1863 Crab Orchard KY   X 3288383         buried in Nat Cem (Lebanon, K; Section C grave 47; death date in ACWRD is listed as Sept 13, 1863.
Hollinger, John D 28               Franklin Co. Welsh Run PA   April 1, 1827 29-Jan-1911 Franklin Co., Welsh Run PA   X 29371533         Struck with two shells on March 25, 1865--Fort Stedman based on 1890 census data; note:  was older than pension card indicates, 38 not 28; substitute.
Hollsbaugh, Jno. R. B 18 fair 5' 5" blue brown farmer Ritchland Co.       Ohio Nov 17 1846 22-Mar-1901 Denver CO   X 26853651   X   Battle Days of the Roundheads Death date and location on pension card matches findagrave--1864 recruit also served with 2nd OH Heavy Artillery, Co. H as Corporal; "Holibaugh"; strange that gravestone has no mention of 100th PA!
Holmes, Orange C 24                       21-Jan-1920 Lockhaven PA     not found         1865 Subsitute--no further record found.
Holmes, Richard D C 23               Allegheny Co., Allegheny PA Pittsburgh, PA Feb 23, 1838 8-Apr-1911 Pittsburgh PA     not found     X   Per ACWRD, promoted to Qtrmstr Sgt 11-13-1862 and Qtrmstr 3-14-1865; listed as being accidentally wounded in the face by a Thomas Willer; genealogy info and photo available; birth date and location..
Hoover, David I 27               Lawrence Co., New Castle       12-Mar-1912 New Castle PA   X not found         buried in Greenwood Cem.
Hoover, David K 27               Lawrence Co., New Castle       12-Mar-1912 New Castle PA   X not found         buried in Greenwood Cem.
Hoover, John E 21                                 16049649         Co. E to I and then to Co. K; buried in Greenwood Cemetery, Lawrence Co. PA
Hoover, John I 27                                 16049649         buried in Greenwood Cemetery, Lawrence Co. PA
Hoover, John K 21                         New Castle PA   X 16049649         buried in Greenwood Cem.
Hoovler, Edw'd H. G 21                   Mercer Co., PA March 26, 1840 Sept. 3, 1891 Spragueville, Jackson Co IA   X 12758790 X     Family Plot--Union Center Cemetery, Maquoketa, IA  buried in Union Center Cem.
Hope, John C. B 18               Sharon PA     March 7, 1876 New Wilmington PA     not found         Exp. Of service, buried in Neshannock Cemetery, widow Amanda M.
Hopkins, Richard M 20                                 not found         On 9/5/1861 he mustered into "M" Co.;He was discharged for wounds on 10/18/1862; He was listed as:  Wounded 8/29/1862 2nd Bull Run, VA (Severe wound in right arm, amputated)
Hornbaker, Jno. H. D 37               Franklin Co. Montgomery PA   Feb 20, 1828 28-Feb-1902 Mercersburg, Franklin Co. PA   X 41119308         1865 Draftee.
Houk, James F 44 light 6' grey light carpenter Eastbrook, Pa.                     64009892       Per ACWRD, 1861 recruit discharged 4-21-1862
Houk, James M. F 44 light 6' grey light carpenter Eastbrook, Pa.       Beaver Co. PA July 22, 1822 Aug 29, 1886 New Castle, Lawrence Co. PA   X 64009892         buried in Neshannock Cem, Hickory Twp, Lawrence Co. pA; same individual as James Houk; detailed in ambulance corps and re-enlisted in 1864.
Housman, Isaac M 27                       Aug 11, 1895         not found         1861 recruit; no further information found.
Housman, Isaiah M 27                       13-Dec-1915 E. Des Moines IA     Not found         1861 recruit; mustered out 9-5-1864.
Houston, Camilus B 18           New Wilmington, Pa.                     not found         No other information available.
Howard, Smith D 30                       March 25, 1865 Petersburg VA     not found         Per ACWRD, 1865 Substitute, killed at Fort Stedman, Petersburg, VA
Howe, John C A 20                       Feb 11, 1864 Pittsburgh PA     not found         death date from ACWRD.
Howell, Alexander A 42                       Dec 19, 1861 Beaufort SC     not found         No other information found
Hudson, Orando C 18                       9-Feb-1901 Forty Fort, Luzerne Co.  PA     72983219         "Ovando"; Per ACWRD March 6, 1865 substitute--mustered out with regiment July 24, 1865.
Hufhan, George D. G 18                     Sept. 1847 27-Mar-1905 Adrian PA   X 32824362         February 22, 1865 substitute (per ACWRD); mustered out with regiment July 24, 1865.  George Daniel "Hufhand" per descendant Crystal Boehm
Huggart, James C. H 20                       Aug 5, 1864 Washington (Nat. Cem) DC     not found         Per ACWRD, On 2/26/1864 he mustered into "H" Co.; He died of wounds on 8/5/1864 at Washington, DC;  (Died in Emery Hospital); He was listed as:  Wounded 6/2/1864 Cold Harbor, VA; (Buried in National Cemetery, Arlington, VA. Marker; at Springfield Cemty, Findley Twp, Mercer Co, PA
Hughey, Ann's C. D 26 light 5' 11" grey light laborer     Allegheny Co. Chartier PA Allegheny, PA Feb 8, 1836 30-Sep-07 McKees Rocks PA     not found         Per ACWRD, 1864 recruit, wounded 2-27-1864 (place not stated);member of GAR post 153--Thomas Espy, buried in Chartiers Cemetery, first name Annanais, also promoted to Teamster.
Humbert, Albert K 18                                 3255735         On 2/15/1864 he mustered into "K" Co.;He died on 8/31/1864 at Alexandria, VA; (Burial record: died at Alexandria, June 20, 1864, Grave  2,193)
Humphries, Theo. F 18 fair 5' 6" blue dark farmer Pittsburgh, Pa.         June 21, 1846 6-Jul-1912         Not Found         Per ACWRD, 1864 recruit, birth info and lived in Allegheny after the war.
Hungerford, L.W. E 25                                 not found         1865 Substitute
Hunt, Eli E 21         farmer         Harlansburg, PA   Sept 19, 1864 Weldon Railroad VA   X 38434577         died of wounds rec at Weldon Railroad Aug 19, 1864; ball passed through stomach per ACWRD.
Hunt, Stewart E 23 light 5' 6 1/2" grey fair farmer         Penna. 1843 May 12, 1864 Spottsylvania CH VA   X 38434576         killed per Oct. 15, 1884 reunion photo.
Hunter, James B 21 dark 5' 8 1/2" dark brown shoemaker Lawrence Co., Pa.       Pa.   28-Aug-1915 New Castle PA     16054204         findagrave info deathdate is Sept 15th 1915
Hurlburt, Hend'n G 18               Nobles Co., Worthington MN     14-Nov-1902 Brandon SD     66512796         Settled in MN then relocated to SD.
Hutchison, Cyrus B 17                                 not found         Deserted 7-12-65 from Harrisburg, Pa.
Hutchison, David B. B 18 dark 5" 7 1/2" dark black farmer Lawrence Co., Pa.       Pa.   Nov 1, 1864 captured       not found         Died Nov. 21-64 in Rebel Prison.
Hutchison, Thomas A 53                                 not found         No other information found in ACWRD.
Hutton, Samuel B 17                       6-Dec-1914 Robinson IL     not found         G.O.  #77 A.G.O.W.D. dated 5-3-65