Name (wartime image if available) Co. Age at Enlistment Complexion Height Eyes Hair Occupation Family From Link to Bio Migration Location (1890 Census or Other) Migration State Birth Location (location/state) Birth Date Death Date Death Location Death State Link to Obituary Link to Grave Photo Findagrave # Post-War Photo (s) Letters and Diaries Artifacts Links to other information Other Notes
Faller, Jacob C   fair 5' 11" dark black Clerk         Pennsylvania March 1834 23-Jan-1910 Butler. Butler Co. PA   X 82213857       Researched in blog article Per ACWRD, On 2/27/1864 he mustered into "C" Co.; He was Mustered Out on 7/24/1865.  Listted as "Fuller" in Bates.
Felger, Gottleib D 28 dark 5' 5" dark dark carpenter         Germany Oct 13, 1837 15-Aug-1922 Allen Co. IN   X 50233042       Websmith Note: rare to find information on a soldier that was documented as deserting! 1865 Substitute Feb 14, 1865-deserted June 30, 1865.  based on findagrave birth year matching enlistment age and unusual name, it is believed to be the same person.
Fennerty, Wm. J. A 25               Allegheny Co. Pittsburgh PA Ireland 1840 Sept 18, 1886 Pittsburg PA     46543102         All information from ACWRD; findagrave info confirms match.  Bates roster incorrect name "Fennery".
Fenstermacher, A.F. G 21               Franklin Co.; Columbus OH     2-Mar-1918         not found         "Amandus"; Feb 23, 1865 substitute--mustered out with regiment July 24, 1865.
Fenwick, Samuel M 23               Franklin Co., Antrim Twp, Greencastle     Jan 1, 1842 19-Aug-1929 Greencastle, Franklin Co. PA     138460893         Per ACWRD, Feb 22, 1865 draftee; born in Greencastle, PA 
Ferree, Francis P. E 25 dark 5' 7 1/2" blue brown farmer         penna.   May 12, 1864 Spottsylvania CH VA     not found       killed per Oct. 15, 1884 reunion photo. No information found.
Ferree, Jacob G 33                       15-Aug-1915 Freeport IL     not found         Per ACWRD, March 6, 1865 substitute--mustered out with regiment July 24, 1865.
Fieldgrove, Henry F 29         colier Princeton, Pa.   Buffalo Co., Shelton NE   1831 1904 Hall Co., Shelton NE   X 31815975         "pretty confident findagrave info is for this soldier"--D.Welch, 100th PA Websmith
Finkhouser, Jos. C. D 20         laborer     Beaver Co., Big Beaver PA Beaver Co., PA Jan 13, 1835 1907         not found         Per ACWRD, POW June 3, 1862 on James Island, SC, lived in Homewood, PA after the war, listed as "Funkhouser"863
Fish, John K 25                       Aug 19, 1863 Camp Nelson KY     650027         Per ACWRD, last name "Fisher or Fish"; death date and location; buried in National Cemetery, Camp Nelson, KY; Section D, Grave 89
Fisher, Henry M 20                                 not found         Per ACWRD 1864 recruit--mustered out with regiment July 24, 1865.
Fisher, Lewis A. F 21             X Lawrence Co. New Castle PA Eastbrook, PA   5-Feb-1921 New Castle PA     16049716         Per ACWRD, 1861 recruit; deserted on Oct 26, 1862, returned to regiment on June 22, 1865, mustered out with regiment; after the war lived on Leasure Ave in New Castle; genealogy info.
Fisher, Solomon W. F 19                       June 4, 1862 James Island SC     not found         killed in action
Fisher, Thomas G 25               Mercer Co. Sandy  Lake   Staffordshire, England May 8, 1835 21-Oct-1919 Stoneboro PA   X 84749425       Burial Record ACWRD data and data conflict.   Birthyear based on enlistment date of 1861 is more reasonable as 1835 from ACWRD information.  If gravestone information from burial site is correct, then Fisher would have been age 14 at enlistment in 1861. More research is needed; lived in North Mills, PA after the war.
Flinn, James H 34                                 not found         Per ACWRD, March 7, 1865 substitute mustered out with regiment July 24, 1865.
Flinn, Thomas H 18                                 not found         Deserted June 6, 1863
Flint, John M 18                     Feb 1, 1832 April 27, 1865 Monongahela PA   X 11723402         Per ACWRD, 1861 recruit--method and date of discharge not given; son Lloyd, lived in Monongahela, PA Middle initial "M"
Floore, John K 50               Lawrence Co., New Castle       Sept 3, 1889 New Castle PA   X 16060192         widow Sarah based on 1890 census; buried in Greenwood Cemetery, Lawrence County, New Castle, PA
Flynn, Michael M 25                                 not found         Subsititute March 9, 1865--deserted April 4, 1865
Forbes, James H. F 20 fair 5' 10" blue fair farmer Princeton, Pa.           June 2, 1864 Cold Harbor VA     not found         Per ACWRD, killed at Cold Harbor, VA June 2, 1864.
Forney, John W. F 35                       March 25, 1865 Fort Stedman VA     54506281         Per ACWRD, 1865 recruit; killed at Fort Stedman, VA March 25, 1865; buried in National Cem, Meade Station, VA; couldn't find grave photo from grave finder for Poplar Grove Nat Cem which is where findagrave info puts him.
Forquer, James C 42 fair 5' 10 1/2" hazel auburn Coal Digger         Ireland             not found         1864 Recruit; no other information found per ACWRD.
Forquer, John I 22                       1897 Allegheny City PA     not found         1861 Recruit--.mustered out with regiment Aug 24, 1861; lived in Butler, PA; death date and location
Forrest, Muns'n W. E 20         farmer     Mercer Co. Grove City     Nov 23, 1840 Sept 6, 1898 Grove City PA   X 63663983 X       Buried in Woodland Cemetery, Pine Twp, Mercer, Co.
Forrest, Uriah G 28                   Plaingrove, PA   1903 Los Angeles CA   X 75601701         born in Plain Grove, PA
Member of GAR Post # 433 (Sergeant John C. Dickey) in Greenville, PA; died in 1903 in Los Angeles, CA
Forsythe, Calvin B. B 18 fair 5' 9" brown dark farmer Washington Co., Pa. X     Pa. Nov 18, 1845 Jan 13, 1891 Waverly, Coffey Co. KS   X 102272918         ACWRD lists soldier as being a student at Westminster College; also genealogy info.
Forsythe, George B. B 25 sandy 5' 7" grey light teacher New Wilmington, Pa.   Allegheny Co., Scott Twp PA   Nov 24, 1836 22-Apr-1920 Carnegie PA   X 53801657 X       Per ACWRD: wounded at Spottsylvania CH 5-12-1864; 
Foster, Edwin K 26                   Erie Co. PA Jan  11. 1834 May 31, 1896 New Castle, Lawrence Co. PA   X 135369262         On 8/31/1861 he mustered into "K" Co. --discharged for wounds on 3/1/1863; He was listed as:  Wounded 9/1/1862 Chantilly, VA;  buried in Greenwood Cem.
Foster, James F. D 20 light 5' 9" brown brown carpenter         Homewood, PA 1845 Oct 6 1864 Poplar Spring Church VA     not found         Per ACWRD, died of wounds rec Oct 2, 1864 at Poplar Springs Church.  Body was brought home; also birth date and location.
Foster, Pearson G. H 29                     Aug 18, 1835 May 26, 1867 Pittsburgh PA   X 46545571         March 21, 1865 recruit; mustered out with regiment July 24, 1865; no service information on grave but confident it is same individual based on name, middle initial, location and age at enlistment compared to birthdate.
Foster, Ward M 29               Allegeheny Co., Collier   Westmoreland Co., PA   Aug 4, 1891 Ildewood PA     Not found         On 9/5/1861 he mustered into "M" Co.;He was Mustered Out on 9/5/1864; Member of GAR Post # 111 (J. W. Stevens) in Elizabeth, PA; Member of GAR Post # 153 (Capt Thomas Espy) in Carnegie, PA; (Sick, on steamer "West Point" when it sank in Potomac, Aug 13, 1862)After the War he lived in Mansfield Valley, PA
partial loss of limb by wound in war--1890 census info.
Fowler, Joseph D. M NA                       May 12, 1864 Spottsylvania CH VA     not found         1864 Recruit; killed at Spottsylvania Court House, VA May 12, 1864.
Fowler, Leonidas A. A 18                       Sept 20, 1877 Roush Roun OH     not found         1865 recruit
Fowler, Samuel M. A 18                                 63408663         Aug 31, 1861 recruit--mustered out with regiment July 24, 1865;  Findagrave #63408663, match for age, died in Beaver Co. in  Aug. just after musterout in July; need to confirm; wounded 6-14-1864 at Petersburg, VA
Fowler, Sylvester G. A 20                       23-Oct-1916 Brilliant OH     not found         No other information per ACWRD
Fox, David F 30         farmer Princeton, Pa.   Lawrence Co. Slippery Rock PA Lawrence Co. PA Oct 18, 1827 22-Feb-1900 Rose Point, Lawrence Co. PA     18525599         Per ACWRD, birth date and location.
Fox, Jacob E 25         farmer             10-Oct-1936         not found       died per Oct. 15, 1884 reunion photo. Brother "Walker" Fox, Enon Valley; discharged July 28, 1863 at Vicksburg, MS
Fox, John F 21         carpenter Princeton, Pa.   Mercer Co., Cool Spring pA   1840 28-Jul-1918 Coolspring Twp. Mercer Co. PA     138461621         Shot in leg below knee, runs in warm weather for years; per ACWRD, buried in Mt. Washington Cem, Sharpsville, Mercer Co, PA; wife Lydia; after war lived in Mercer, PA
France, John D. A 22               Washington Co. Hopewell PA   Sept 11, 1842 30-Mar-1929 West Middletown PA   X 112438961 X       Wounded at least 3 times;  Wounded 9/17/1862 Antietam, MD (Disch on account of wound);  Wounded 6/17/1864 Petersburg, VA; Wounded 3/25/1865 Fort Stedman, VA; Info based on ACWRD.  Maybe a 4th wound based on 1890 census info.
Franklin, Benjamin C 25 dark 5' 11" blue dark farmer                       not found         No further record found
Frazier, Alexander G 19                     July 12, 1844 12-Dec-1920 Butler PA     102968212         Findagrave info looks to match veteran card and pension info, supported by ACWRD info.
Freet, John B 27 fair 5' 7" hazel dark cooper                       not found         1865 Substitute--Deserted 6-12-65 at Tenallytown D.C.
Frelin, John D. H 18                                 not found         March 7, 1865 substitute--mustered out with regiment July 24, 1865.
French, Stiles C 24         farmer         Bridgeport, CT   4-Sep-1912 Dayton  OH     670053         Nat. Mil Cem; unusual name--confident same person as findagrave listing
Fridinger, Joseph E 18                       22-Feb-1927 Snydersburg, Carroll Col. MD   X 47445406         1865 Substitute--lived in Baltimore, MD after war; findagrave info is suspected to be same person based on burial location, birthdate on grave info and age at enlistment.
Fried, Henry C. C 19         farmer     Jefferson Co. , Springfield OH Ohio Oct 31, 1842 21-Jul-1922 Bergholz OH   X 15944117         listed as "teamster"
Friend, Zachariah K 18                       Sept 20 1867? Chalmette LA   X 32489571         March 2, 1865 substitute--mustered out with regiment July 24, possibly also served with 1st US, Co. I and settled in Louisiana--unusual name listed as Zacharias on findagrave info.
Fry, Emanuel G 28               Armstrong Co., Sugarcreek PA     13-Dec-1915 Chicora, Butler Co.  PA     138461861         Feb 23, 1865 Substitute--mustered out with regiment July 24, 1865; St Johns Ref Cem, Fairview Twp, Butler Co, PA per ACWRD.
Fry, John C 22 fair 5' 10" grey dark Basket Maker         Maryland             not found         No further record found
Fury, James M. G 19               Mercer Co. Cool Spring     1841 7-Mar-1915 Mercer PA   X 38737054         Aug 31, 1861 recruit-mustered out with regiment July 24, 1865; buried in Old Findley Cemetery, Findley Twp, Mercer Co. PA