Name (wartime image if available) Co. Age at Enlistment Complexion Height Eyes Hair Occupation Family From Link to Bio Migration Location (1890 Census or Other) Migration State Birth Location (location/state) Birth Date Death Date Death Location Death State Link to Obituary Link to Grave Photo Findagrave # Post-War Photo (s) Letters and Diaries Artifacts Links to other information Other Notes
Dailey, Daniel F 22                                 Not found         1865 Substitute, Deserted 5-15-1865.
Daisey, Daniel C 30                                 not found         1865 Substitute
Dale, William M 18               Allegeheny Co., Homestead       14-Jan-1933 Monongahela PA   X 134356855         wounded in chest by a shell.
Dalton, James A 40                       Aug 14, 1899 Nat. Sold Home VA   X 3079877         Per ACWRD, 1865 draftee-2/23/1865; mustered out with regiment 7-24-1865
Dalton, James C 30 florid 5' 4" hazel auburn Boiler         Ireland   May 18, 1864 Spottsylvania CH VA     not found         Died of wounds from Spotsylvania CH, VA
Danford, Patrick A 38                                 not found         1865 subsitute--deserted June 11, 1865
Daniels, Amos F 20 dark 5' 6 1/2" hazel light laborer Hanover Twp., Pa.   Lawrence Co. Shenango Twp.                 not found         Per ACWRD, 1864 recruit, deserted and returned---dates unknown; after the war lived in Middlesex, PA
Daniels, William F 44 dark 5' 6" blue dark laborer Hanover Twp., Pa.       Venango, PA 1823 15-Aug-1901 Bethel, Mercer Co, PA       not found         Per ACWRD, 1864 recruit, birth info and death location.
Darr, George W. K 30               Bedford Co., West St. Clair       10-Feb-1903 Royot PA   X 74291673         Per ACWRD, 1864 draftee--11/20/1864
Daugherty, Frank D 18 dark 5' 4 1/2" grey dark laborer         Penna.   July 28 1864 Arlington Nat Cem DC   X 17334599         Buried at site 7130, died of wounds at Washington D.C.
Daugherty, Joseph D 19                                 not found         1865 Subsititute; mustered out with regt.
Davidson, Andrew A 44                       24-Jun-1920 Emlington PA     not found         Killed by an express train on Allegheny RR; was in Mexican War. Info from ACWRD.
Davidson, James B 25           E. Lack. Twp. Pa.           Feb 12, 1862 Beaufort SC     2948394 
possible match
        Died 2-12-62 at Beaufort S.C.;findagrave #2948394 possibly same soldier but July 19, 1862 date is not the same as Bates 
Davis, James L. H 31                       7-Aug-1900         not found         Per ACWRD, Jan 11, 1865 draftee; lived in Allentown, PA after the war.
Davis, Joseph B 41 light 5' 8 1/2" blue grey farmer Wyoming                     not found         Sick in Hospital since 6-7-64. Desert 8-28-64 York Hospital Pa.
Davis, Lemuel B 28           W. Lack. Twp. Pa.   Butler Co., Fairfield Twp. PA     after 1890         23465744; possible match         Not on M.O. roll No further record available; buried in Greenwood Cem, Lawrence Co. PA per ACWRD.
Davis, Robert I 18               Lawrence Co., New Castle   Lawrence Co PA Oct 5, 1843 March 12, 1899 New Castle PA   X 134074097         Birthdate, death date and locations per ACWRD; buried in St. Mary's Cemetery.
Dawson, Benjamin D 19 dark 5' 10" dark black farmer             June 6 1864 Washington  DC     not found         died of wounds rec May 28 1864 at North Anna, VA.  Severe wound in left leg--amputated.
Dawson, Charles M 15                       July 15, 1864  Andersonville GA     51153606         He died of disease as POW on 7/15/1864 at Andersonville, GA; He was listed as: POW (date and place not stated; Buried at Andersonville National Cemetery, Andersonville, GA--Gravesite: 3363
Dawson, George B. D 19 light 5'  6 1/2" blue light farmer     Beaver Co. Ohioville PA Beaver Co., Pa. July 27, 1847 6-Mar-1914 Smith's Ferry PA   X 78014160 X       Per ACWRD, 16 years old at muster-in; birth information and location.
Dawson, James M D 18   5' 3" blue brown farmer         Penna.   May 12, 1864 (not confirmed) Spottsylvania CH VA     not found         Per ACWRD, missing May 12, 1864, Spottsylvania C.H., VA--presumed killed in action.
Dawson, Peter E 24                                 not found         1865 Substitute
Dawson, Samuel B. D 21         farmer     Beaver Co. Ohioville PA Ohio Twp, Beaver Co. PA Aug 31, 1843 9-Feb-1921 Smith's Ferry PA   X 78012656         gunshot wound in left knee; per ACWRD wounded at Campbell Station, TN; also birth date and location.
Day, James M 34                                 not found         Per ACWRD, March 7, 1865 draftee--mustered out with the regiment July 24, 1865
Day, Robert I 18                   Pomeroy, OH             not found         Per ACWRD, 1861 recruit deserted on Aug 18, 1862
Day, Samuel H 25                       24-Nov-1907 Allegheny PA     138422647         Birthyear (1807) and enlistment age (53) recorded in ACWRD are suspect--more research needed.
Dean, Isaac N. K 17                   Harlansburg, PA   July 15, 1863 Milldale MS     not found   X     Per ACWRD, birth location and death date/location.
Dean, John C. E 20         farmer     Washington Co., East Bethlehem Twp. PA Harlansburg, PA Jan 2, 1842 Oct. 7, 1895 Eastbrook PA   X 30303677 X       Per ACWRD, birth location, buried in  U. Bap Cem, Harlansburg, Scott Twp, Lawrence Co., PA.
Deardorff, Abraham D. H 20                   Washington Co. MD Oct. 10 1843 25-Jul-1913 West Plains MO   X 24049565 X       buried in Evergreen Cem, Howell Co. MO
Deardorff, Peter H. G 18               Franklin Co., Antrim PA   June 19, 1846 24-Jun-1925 Chambersburg PA   X 26444779         chronic diarrhea since 1865 based on 1890 census info, buried in Brownsville, PA Cemetery
Decker, Samuel M. A 44                                 not found         POW at Petersburg, VA 7-30-1864 at Battle of Crater. Info from ACWRD
Degnan, Michiael A 36                                 not found         1865 subsitute--deserted June 6, 1865
Detwiler, Christian B 28 dark 5' 7 3/4" brown black lab. Mifflin Co.       Pa.             not found         For disability; S.C. of D., wounded at Spottsylvania CH, VA, severe wound right leg amputated.
Devall, Stephen G 18 1/2               Des Moines  IA   1850 15-Aug-1902 Aurora  WV X X 32076274         "Duvall", age 13 at enlistment according to obituary; age 15 based on 1865 enlistment as substitute;, died at age 52; 6 children; findagrave information--same individual.
Devictor, Joel H. C 18                       21-Feb-1926 Philadelphia PA     not found         1865 Substitute
Devinney, Thomas D 22                                 not found         1865 Draftee; buried in Penfield Cemetery, Clearfield Co.,PA
Dewalt, Jacob S. M 19               Caldwell Co., Mirabile MO   July 31, 1843 Jan 2, 1895 St. Joseph MO     17463197         Wounded in hand and left limb shot off at the knee at the Battle of Cold Harbor 2nd June 1864
Dick, Albert J. F 18         farmer Eastbrook, Pa.       Lawrence Co. PA Aug 26 1844 30-May-1913 Eastbrook PA     138424252         buried in Rich Hill UP Church Cem, Washington Twp; per ACWRD, middle name "James"; birth location
Dick, John J. E 20         Toeman         penna.   Sept. 8, 1918 Madison IN     not found         Per ACWRD, wounded at James Island 6-16-1862., death date listed as 1913?
Dickey, William G. G 29                       Nov 12, 1864 Salisbury NC   X 81007263         died in prison, burial record Nov 2, 1864; Per ACWRD, he died of disease as POW on 11/12/1864 at Salisbury, NC;  He was listed as  POW 8/21/1864 Weldon Railroad, VA;  Buried: Salisbury National Cemetery, Salisbury, NC in "Unknown" burial trench.
Dickson, John I 44                                 not found         No other information found.
Dickson, Lafayette H 38                       Aug 31, 1896 Marion Co. IL   X 73476808         Per ACWRD, listed as a Company cook; Member of GAR Post # 609 (Odin) in Odin, IL; died 8/31/1896 in Odin, Marion Co, Il; Buried: Marion Co., IL, middle name "Cromwell"
Dickson, Wm. Jr. H 18                                 not found         Information on William Dickson Sr. and William Dickson Jr., his son, is sketchy…more research needed.
Dickson, Wm. Sr. H 42                     1819 1884 Clark PA   X 137644502         buried in Clarksville cemetery; Detailed subsistence department.
Dietrick, Delorma C 25                                 not found         1865 Substitute
Dillaman, Henry C 22         farmer     Butler Co., Brady PA Jackson Twp, PA Jan 14, 1840 11-May-1922 Slippery Rock PA   X 17954925 X       Discharged for disability 2-23-1863; re-enlisted with 61st PA, Co. I.
Dilley, Siba C. G 19                       June 2, 1864 Cold Harbor VA   X 3069822         1864 Recruit, killed at Cold Harbor, VA--6/2/1864; buried at Cold Harbor National Cemetery.
Dillinger, Hugh G. E 29 dark 5' 9" blue light farmer     Mercer Co. Liberty Twp.   penna. Aug 14, 1836 26-Dec-1912 Liberty Twp, Mercer Co. PA   X 61842956 X       No information found.
Dillinger, John M. K 20               Mercer Co., Liberty       15-Feb-1922 Grove City PA   X 120581889       Burial record Buried in Prairie Cemetery, Mercer Twp, Butler Co. PA
Dillon, Albert F. F 28 dark 5' '7" dark black laborer New Castle, Pa.   Beaver Co., New Brighton PA     1894 Beaver Co.       not found         Per ACWRD, death year and location.
Dillon, Daniel D 19 dark 5' 4" hazel brown miner     Beaver Co. Smith's Ferry PA Ireland   1-Oct-1918 E. Liverpool OH     not found         Per ACWRD, 1864 recruit.
Dobbins, John G 38                                 not found         Per ACWRD, March 11, 1865 substitute--mustered out with regiment July 24, 1865.
Dolans, Peter F 21 ruddy 5' 6" blue sandy seaman         England             Not found         1865 Substitute, Deserted 5-15-1865.
Donaldson, Alex B 23 dark 5' 10" blue dark farmer Lawrence Co., Pa.   Mercer PA Pa.   19-Sep-1922 Mercer PA   X 104181008         Sick in Hospital at M.O.
Donaldson, John M 18                       5-Feb-1902                   Per ACWRD, March 3, 1865 substitute mustered out June 6, 1865.
Dongan, Henry M. A 20                       7-Jul-1901 Washington PA   X 106729042         "Dougan" in pension cards
Donley, James B 25         farmer Shenango, Pa.         Feb 28, 1835 3-Mar-1906 Camargo, Dewey Co. OK   X 84880562         Birth date/location per ACWRD.  Per descendant Alan Pinkerton, Donley is buried in the Brooker-Meek Cemetery located just outside Camargo. His wife Martha J Jones Donley is also buried next to him.
Donley, Thomas A 23                       Septemer 6, 1864 David's Island NY     not found         died in hospital; info from ACWRD.
Donovan, Daniel I 36                       Sept 1, 1862 Chantilly VA     not found         Killed at Chantilly, VA--Sept 1, 1862
Dougherty, P. W. F 18 dark 5' 7 1/2" dark brown laborer New Castle, Pa.           Sept 2, 1864         not found         No other information found on ACWRD.
Douglass, Robert P. I 21                                 not found         On 8/31/1861 he mustered into "I" Company--tranferred to G company 1/16/1863 .  He was Mustered Out on 7/24/1865;  Promotions:
* Sergt 12/5/1864
* 2nd Lieut 5/12/1865 
Douglass, Thos. W. I 21                   New Castle, PA Aug 26, 1842 Nov 6 1926 Venango Co. PA     138368922         On 8/31/1861 he mustered into "I" Co--transferred to G company 1/16/1863.; He was Mustered Out on 7/24/1865  Promotions:
* Sergt 4/18/1863
* 1st Lieut 12/2/1864 
Doutt, Reuben C 18                       Aug  18, 1864 Washington (Arlington Nat Cem) DC   X 34920309         ACWRD aksi lists service with 61st PA, Co. I.
Downs, Samuel I 33                       Aug 20, 1863 Camp Park KY     Not found         Per ACWRD died 8-20-1863 in Camp Park, KY
Drake, Robert S. F 17         farmer Princeton, Pa.           Nov 27, 1899 Hazelton OH     not found         Per ACWRD, Drake was sick on Steamer that sunk in Potomac River Aug 13, 1862.
Drury, Ignatius E 44                                 not found         1865 Draftee--deserted 5-30-1865
Duggan, Guilford C. A 24                                 not found         no records available in ACWRD
Duke, Robert F 23         blksmith Eastbrook, Pa.           Oct 22, 1862 Annapolis MD     33012401         Buried on October 28, 1862 at Annapolis National Cemetery.
Dulabun, Curtis K 32                                 Not found         On 2/22/1865 he was drafted--He deserted on 6/18/1865
Dumont, Peter B 28                                 not found         Absent since 7-9-65 on detached service by order of Brg. Gen. Kidden.
Dunbar, John E 21                                 not found         mustered in and discharged on same day Aug 31, 1861
Duncan, George W. C 19 dark 5' 11" grey dark farmer         Penna.   Dec 6, 1864 Petersburg VA     not found         Killed at Petersburg, VA per ACWRD.
Duncan, John J. D 18 light 5' 8" blue light farmer         Penna. Aug 16, 1845 13-Jun-1925 Mount Ayr IA X   16773629         wounded in face at Battle of Wilderness
Dunkle, David D. F 22         moulder Eastbrook, Pa.         Nov 11, 1838 7-Apr-1925 Monmouth IL   X 106256520         Per ACWRD, birthdate; no other information found.
Dunlap, Andrew H 25               Mercer Co., Lackawannock   Mahoning Co. OH Oct 9, 1837 Jan 8, 1896 Wheeler, Mercer Co. PA     not found         Per ACWRD, buried in Lebanon Cemetery, Lackawannock Twp., Mercer Co. PA; genealogy info.
Dunlap, Bigler B 33                   Clearfield Co. PA Feb 26, 1840 7-May-1916 Juniata, Blair Co. PA   X 33107512         Sick in Hospital since 3-25-65 absent sick at M.O.
Dunlap, Hamil'n R. K 22             X     New Brighton, PA May 8, 1843 16-Sep-1912 New Castle PA   X 138426948       extensive diary and letter collection at Gyla M. McDowell Collection of Roundhead materials at Penn State Univ Per ACWRD, after the war lived on Walnut St.
Dunlap, Thomas A. D 22         farmer     Beaver Co. Chippewa PA   1841 April 13, 1896         84247878         ACWRD has death listed as 1891.
Dunn, Ezra M.C. G 18                                 not found         1861 recruit, Deserted in 1862--no other information found.
Dunn, John H 18                       20-Feb-1923 Baltimore MD     not found         Per ACWRD substitute mustered in Feb 3, 1865--mustered out with regiment July 24, 1865.
Dunn, William S. M NA                       May 12, 1864 Spottsylvania Court House VA     not found         Feb 1864 recruit killed at Spottsylvania CH, VA May 12, 1864.
Dunwoody, Rob't C. C 20 light 5' 9 1/2" grey auburn farmer         Penna.   Aug 19, 1864 Petersburg VA   X 59714043         died of wounds rec. July 30, 1864, bur in City Point Nat. Cem; 
Durant, Tercius A. A 20                   Washington Co.   1865 Washington Co PA     not found         Per ACWRD, killed at a barn raising shortly after coming home in 1865.
Durant, William L. A 22               Philadelphia PA Washington Co.   25-Apr-1910 Alasseen NJ   X 16919919 X       No other information per ACWRD
Durban, Levi D. K 18                   Franklin, Venango Co. PA Dec 17, 1845 Aug. 29, 1897 Mahoningtown PA     16060145         Wounded 5/12/1864 Spotsylvania Court House, VA (Badly wounded in left leg); After the War he lived on N. Mill ST, New Castle, PA
Durham, Francis J. C 22 fair 5' 2" grey light laborer         Berks Co. PA             not found         Feb 1864 recruit--No other records found.
DuShane, Jesse P. K 23                     1842 11-May-1929 Warren OH     not found         Wounded 8/29/1862 2nd Bull Run, VA; Buried: Greenwood Cemty, New Castle, Lawrence Co., PA
(Last address:Soldiers Home,  Napa County, CA?)
DuShane, Theo. W. K 20                     Feb 19, 1844 May 7, 1886 New Castle PA     9         1864 recruit;  Wounded 3/25/1865 Fort Haskell, VA (Severe wound in right arm, amputated)