Name (wartime image if available) Co. Age at Enlistment Complexion Height Eyes Hair Occupation Family From Link to Bio Migration Location (1890 Census or Other) Migration State Birth Location (location/state) Birth Date Death Date Death Location Death State Link to Obituary Link to Grave Photo Findagrave # Post-War Photo (s) Letters and Diaries Artifacts Links to other information Other Notes
Dailey, Daniel F 22                                 Not found         1865 Substitute, Deserted 5-15-1865.
Daisey, Daniel C 30                                 not found         1865 Substitute
Dale, William M 18               Allegeheny Co., Homestead       14-Jan-1933 Monongahela PA   X 134356855         wounded in chest by a shell.
Dalton, James A 40                       Aug 14, 1899 Nat. Sold Home VA   X 3079877         Per ACWRD, 1865 draftee-2/23/1865; mustered out with regiment 7-24-1865
Dalton, James C 30 florid 5' 4" hazel auburn Boiler         Ireland   May 18, 1864 Spottsylvania CH VA     not found         Died of wounds from Spotsylvania CH, VA
Danford, Patrick A 38                                 not found         1865 subsitute--deserted June 11, 1865
Daniels, Amos F 20 dark 5' 6 1/2" hazel light laborer Hanover Twp., Pa.   Lawrence Co. Shenango Twp.                 not found         Per ACWRD, 1864 recruit, deserted and returned---dates unknown; after the war lived in Middlesex, PA
Daniels, William F 44 dark 5' 6" blue dark laborer Hanover Twp., Pa.       Venango, PA 1823 15-Aug-1901 Bethel, Mercer Co, PA       not found         Per ACWRD, 1864 recruit, birth info and death location.
Darr, George W. K 30               Bedford Co., West St. Clair       10-Feb-1903 Royot PA   X 74291673         Per ACWRD, 1864 draftee--11/20/1864
Daugherty, Frank D 18 dark 5' 4 1/2" grey dark laborer         Penna.   July 28 1864 Arlington Nat Cem DC   X 17334599         Buried at site 7130, died of wounds at Washington D.C.
Daugherty, Joseph D 19                                 not found         1865 Subsititute; mustered out with regt.
Davidson, Andrew A 44                       24-Jun-1920 Emlington PA     not found         Killed by an express train on Allegheny RR; was in Mexican War. Info from ACWRD.
Davidson, James B 25           E. Lack. Twp. Pa.           Feb 12, 1862 Beaufort SC     2948394 
possible match
        Died 2-12-62 at Beaufort S.C.;findagrave #2948394 possibly same soldier but July 19, 1862 date is not the same as Bates 
Davis, James L. H 31                       7-Aug-1900         not found         Per ACWRD, Jan 11, 1865 draftee; lived in Allentown, PA after the war.
Davis, Joseph B 41 light 5' 8 1/2" blue grey farmer Wyoming                     not found         Sick in Hospital since 6-7-64. Desert 8-28-64 York Hospital Pa.
Davis, Lemuel B 28           W. Lack. Twp. Pa.   Butler Co., Fairfield Twp. PA     after 1890         23465744; possible match         Not on M.O. roll No further record available; buried in Greenwood Cem, Lawrence Co. PA per ACWRD.
Davis, Robert I 18               Lawrence Co., New Castle   Lawrence Co PA Oct 5, 1843 March 12, 1899 New Castle PA   X 134074097         Birthdate, death date and locations per ACWRD; buried in St. Mary's Cemetery.
Dawson, Benjamin D 19 dark 5' 10" dark black farmer             June 6 1864 Washington  DC     not found         died of wounds rec May 28 1864 at North Anna, VA.  Severe wound in left leg--amputated.
Dawson, Charles M 15                       July 15, 1864  Andersonville GA   X 51153606         He died of disease as POW on 7/15/1864 at Andersonville, GA; He was listed as: POW (date and place not stated; Buried at Andersonville National Cemetery, Andersonville, GA--Gravesite: 3363
Dawson, George B. D 19 light 5'  6 1/2" blue light farmer     Beaver Co. Ohioville PA Beaver Co., Pa. July 27, 1847 6-Mar-1914 Smith's Ferry PA   X 78014160 X       Per ACWRD, 16 years old at muster-in; birth information and location.
Dawson, James M D 18   5' 3" blue brown farmer         Penna.   May 12, 1864 (not confirmed) Spottsylvania CH VA     not found         Per ACWRD, missing May 12, 1864, Spottsylvania C.H., VA--presumed killed in action.
Dawson, Peter E 24                                 not found         1865 Substitute
Dawson, Samuel B. D 21         farmer     Beaver Co. Ohioville PA Ohio Twp, Beaver Co. PA Aug 31, 1843 9-Feb-1921 Smith's Ferry PA   X 78012656         gunshot wound in left knee; per ACWRD wounded at Campbell Station, TN; also birth date and location.
Day, James M 34                                 not found         Per ACWRD, March 7, 1865 draftee--mustered out with the regiment July 24, 1865
Day, Robert I 18                   Pomeroy, OH             not found         Per ACWRD, 1861 recruit deserted on Aug 18, 1862
Day, Samuel H 25                       24-Nov-1907 Allegheny PA     138422647         Birthyear (1807) and enlistment age (53) recorded in ACWRD are suspect--more research needed.
Dean, Isaac N. K 17                   Harlansburg, PA   July 15, 1863 Milldale MS     not found   X     Per ACWRD, birth location and death date/location.
Dean, John C. E 20         farmer     Washington Co., East Bethlehem Twp. PA Harlansburg, PA Jan 2, 1842 Oct. 7, 1895 Eastbrook PA   X 30303677 X       Per ACWRD, birth location, buried in  U. Bap Cem, Harlansburg, Scott Twp, Lawrence Co., PA.
Deardorff, Abraham D. H 20                   Washington Co. MD Oct. 10 1843 25-Jul-1913 West Plains MO   X 24049565 X       buried in Evergreen Cem, Howell Co. MO
Deardorff, Peter H. G 18               Franklin Co., Antrim PA   June 19, 1846 24-Jun-1925 Chambersburg PA   X 26444779         chronic diarrhea since 1865 based on 1890 census info, buried in Brownsville, PA Cemetery
Decker, Samuel M. A 44                       Feb 8, 1878 Washington Co PA     158157596         POW at Petersburg, VA 7-30-1864 at Battle of Crater. Info from ACWRD
Degnan, Michiael A 36                                 not found         1865 subsitute--deserted June 6, 1865
Detwiler, Christian B 28 dark 5' 7 3/4" brown black lab. Mifflin Co.       Pa.             not found         For disability; S.C. of D., wounded at Spottsylvania CH, VA, severe wound right leg amputated.
Devall, Stephen G 18 1/2               Des Moines  IA   1850 15-Aug-1902 Aurora  WV X X 32076274         "Duvall", age 13 at enlistment according to obituary; age 15 based on 1865 enlistment as substitute;, died at age 52; 6 children; findagrave information--same individual.
Devictor, Joel H. C 18                       21-Feb-1926 Philadelphia PA     not found         1865 Substitute
Devinney, Thomas D 22                                 not found         1865 Draftee; buried in Penfield Cemetery, Clearfield Co.,PA
Dewalt, Jacob S. M 19               Caldwell Co., Mirabile MO   July 31, 1843 Jan 2, 1895 St. Joseph MO   X 17463197         Wounded in hand and left limb shot off at the knee at the Battle of Cold Harbor 2nd June 1864
Dick, Albert J. F 18         farmer Eastbrook, Pa.       Lawrence Co. PA Aug 26 1844 30-May-1913 Eastbrook PA   X 138424252         buried in Rich Hill UP Church Cem, Washington Twp; per ACWRD, middle name "James"; birth location
Dick, John J. E 20         Toeman         penna.   Sept. 8, 1918 Madison IN     not found         Per ACWRD, wounded at James Island 6-16-1862., death date listed as 1913?
Dickey, William G. G 29                       Nov 12, 1864 Salisbury NC   X 81007263         died in prison, burial record Nov 2, 1864; Per ACWRD, he died of disease as POW on 11/12/1864 at Salisbury, NC;  He was listed as  POW 8/21/1864 Weldon Railroad, VA;  Buried: Salisbury National Cemetery, Salisbury, NC in "Unknown" burial trench.
Dickson, John I 44                                 not found         No other information found.
Dickson, Lafayette H 38                       Aug 31, 1896 Marion Co. IL   X 73476808         Per ACWRD, listed as a Company cook; Member of GAR Post # 609 (Odin) in Odin, IL; died 8/31/1896 in Odin, Marion Co, Il; Buried: Marion Co., IL, middle name "Cromwell"
Dickson, Wm. Jr. H 18                                 not found         Information on William Dickson Sr. and William Dickson Jr., his son, is sketchy…more research needed.
Dickson, Wm. Sr. H 42                     1819 1884 Clark PA   X 137644502         buried in Clarksville cemetery; Detailed subsistence department.
Dietrick, Delorma C 25                                 not found         1865 Substitute
Dillaman, Henry C 22         farmer     Butler Co., Brady PA Jackson Twp, PA Jan 14, 1840 11-May-1922 Slippery Rock PA   X 17954925 X       Discharged for disability 2-23-1863; re-enlisted with 61st PA, Co. I.
Dilley, Siba C. G 19                       June 2, 1864 Cold Harbor VA   X 3069822         1864 Recruit, killed at Cold Harbor, VA--6/2/1864; buried at Cold Harbor National Cemetery.
Dillinger, Hugh G. E 29 dark 5' 9" blue light farmer     Mercer Co. Liberty Twp.   penna. Aug 14, 1836 26-Dec-1912 Liberty Twp, Mercer Co. PA   X 61842956 X       No information found.
Dillinger, John M. K 20               Mercer Co., Liberty       15-Feb-1922 Grove City PA   X 120581889       Burial record Buried in Prairie Cemetery, Mercer Twp, Butler Co. PA
Dillon, Albert F. F 28 dark 5' '7" dark black laborer New Castle, Pa.   Beaver Co., New Brighton PA     1894 Beaver Co.       not found         Per ACWRD, death year and location.
Dillon, Daniel D 19 dark 5' 4" hazel brown miner     Beaver Co. Smith's Ferry PA Ireland   1-Oct-1918 E. Liverpool OH     not found         Per ACWRD, 1864 recruit.
Dobbins, John G 38                                 not found         Per ACWRD, March 11, 1865 substitute--mustered out with regiment July 24, 1865.
Dolans, Peter F 21 ruddy 5' 6" blue sandy seaman         England             Not found         1865 Substitute, Deserted 5-15-1865.
Donaldson, Alex B 23 dark 5' 10" blue dark farmer Lawrence Co., Pa.   Mercer PA Pa.   19-Sep-1922 Mercer PA   X 104181008         Sick in Hospital at M.O.
Donaldson, John M 18                       5-Feb-1902                   Per ACWRD, March 3, 1865 substitute mustered out June 6, 1865.
Dongan, Henry M. A 20                       7-Jul-1901 Washington PA   X 106729042         "Dougan" in pension cards
Donley, James B 25         farmer Shenango, Pa.         Feb 28, 1835 3-Mar-1906 Camargo, Dewey Co. OK   X 84880562         Birth date/location per ACWRD.  Per descendant Alan Pinkerton, Donley is buried in the Brooker-Meek Cemetery located just outside Camargo. His wife Martha J Jones Donley is also buried next to him.
Donley, Thomas A 23                       Septemer 6, 1864 David's Island NY     not found         died in hospital; info from ACWRD.
Donovan, Daniel I 36                       Sept 1, 1862 Chantilly VA     not found         Killed at Chantilly, VA--Sept 1, 1862
Dougherty, P. W. F 18 dark 5' 7 1/2" dark brown laborer New Castle, Pa.           Sept 2, 1864         not found         No other information found on ACWRD.
Douglass, Robert P. I 21                                 not found         On 8/31/1861 he mustered into "I" Company--tranferred to G company 1/16/1863 .  He was Mustered Out on 7/24/1865;  Promotions:
* Sergt 12/5/1864
* 2nd Lieut 5/12/1865 
Douglass, Thos. W. I 21                   New Castle, PA Aug 26, 1842 Nov 6 1926 Venango Co. PA     138368922         On 8/31/1861 he mustered into "I" Co--transferred to G company 1/16/1863.; He was Mustered Out on 7/24/1865  Promotions:
* Sergt 4/18/1863
* 1st Lieut 12/2/1864 
Doutt, Reuben C 18                       Aug  18, 1864 Washington (Arlington Nat Cem) DC   X 34920309         ACWRD aksi lists service with 61st PA, Co. I.
Downs, Samuel I 33                       Aug 20, 1863 Camp Park KY     Not found         Per ACWRD died 8-20-1863 in Camp Park, KY
Drake, Robert S. F 17         farmer Princeton, Pa.           Nov 27, 1899 Hazelton OH     not found         Per ACWRD, Drake was sick on Steamer that sunk in Potomac River Aug 13, 1862.
Drury, Ignatius E 44                                 not found         1865 Draftee--deserted 5-30-1865
Duggan, Guilford C. A 24                                 not found         no records available in ACWRD
Duke, Robert F 23         blksmith Eastbrook, Pa.           Oct 22, 1862 Annapolis MD   X 33012401         Buried on October 28, 1862 at Annapolis National Cemetery.
Dulabun, Curtis K 32                                 Not found         On 2/22/1865 he was drafted--He deserted on 6/18/1865
Dumont, Peter B 28                                 not found         Absent since 7-9-65 on detached service by order of Brg. Gen. Kidden.
Dunbar, John E 21                                 not found         mustered in and discharged on same day Aug 31, 1861
Duncan, George W. C 19 dark 5' 11" grey dark farmer         Penna.   Dec 6, 1864 Petersburg VA     not found         Killed at Petersburg, VA per ACWRD.
Duncan, John J. D 18 light 5' 8" blue light farmer         Penna. Aug 16, 1845 13-Jun-1925 Mount Ayr IA X X 16773629         wounded in face at Battle of Wilderness
Dunkle, David D. F 22         moulder Eastbrook, Pa.         Nov 11, 1838 7-Apr-1925 Monmouth IL   X 106256520         Per ACWRD, birthdate; no other information found.
Dunlap, Andrew H 25               Mercer Co., Lackawannock   Mahoning Co. OH Oct 9, 1837 Jan 8, 1896 Wheeler, Mercer Co. PA     not found         Per ACWRD, buried in Lebanon Cemetery, Lackawannock Twp., Mercer Co. PA; genealogy info.
Dunlap, Bigler B 33                   Clearfield Co. PA Feb 26, 1840 7-May-1916 Juniata, Blair Co. PA   X 33107512         Sick in Hospital since 3-25-65 absent sick at M.O.
Dunlap, Hamil'n R. K 22             X     New Brighton, PA May 8, 1843 16-Sep-1912 New Castle PA   X 138426948       extensive diary and letter collection at Gyla M. McDowell Collection of Roundhead materials at Penn State Univ Per ACWRD, after the war lived on Walnut St.
Dunlap, Thomas A. D 22         farmer     Beaver Co. Chippewa PA   1841 April 13, 1896         84247878         ACWRD has death listed as 1891.
Dunn, Ezra M.C. G 18                                 not found         1861 recruit, Deserted in 1862--no other information found.
Dunn, John H 18                       20-Feb-1923 Baltimore MD     not found         Per ACWRD substitute mustered in Feb 3, 1865--mustered out with regiment July 24, 1865.
Dunn, William S. M NA                       May 12, 1864 Spottsylvania Court House VA     not found         Feb 1864 recruit killed at Spottsylvania CH, VA May 12, 1864.
Dunwoody, Rob't C. C 20 light 5' 9 1/2" grey auburn farmer         Penna.   Aug 19, 1864 Petersburg VA   X 59714043         died of wounds rec. July 30, 1864, bur in City Point Nat. Cem; 
Durant, Tercius A. A 20                   Washington Co.   1865 Washington Co PA     not found         Per ACWRD, killed at a barn raising shortly after coming home in 1865.
Durant, William L. A 22               Philadelphia PA Washington Co.   25-Apr-1910 Alasseen NJ   X 16919919 X       No other information per ACWRD
Durban, Levi D. K 18                   Franklin, Venango Co. PA Dec 17, 1845 Aug. 29, 1897 Mahoningtown PA   X 16060145         Wounded 5/12/1864 Spotsylvania Court House, VA (Badly wounded in left leg); After the War he lived on N. Mill ST, New Castle, PA
Durham, Francis J. C 22 fair 5' 2" grey light laborer         Berks Co. PA             not found         Feb 1864 recruit--No other records found.
DuShane, Jesse P. K 23                     1842 11-May-1929 Warren OH     not found         Wounded 8/29/1862 2nd Bull Run, VA; Buried: Greenwood Cemty, New Castle, Lawrence Co., PA
(Last address:Soldiers Home,  Napa County, CA?)
DuShane, Theo. W. K 20                     Feb 19, 1844 May 7, 1886 New Castle PA     16060116         1864 recruit;  Wounded 3/25/1865 Fort Haskell, VA (Severe wound in right arm, amputated)