Name (wartime image if available) Co. Age at Enlistment Complexion Height Eyes Hair Occupation Family From Link to Bio Migration Location (1890 Census or Other) Migration State Birth Location (location/state) Birth Date Death Date Death Location Death State Link to Obituary Link to Grave Photo Findagrave # Post-War Photo (s) Letters and Diaries Artifacts Links to other information Other Notes
Babel, Joseph D 28         laborer       OH? Beaver Co., PA 1833 July 1, 1915 Wellston OH   X 85614073         Based on ACWRD pension listing, soldier settled in OH; death date may be around 1882-1884 based on widow (Minerva Babel) pension application from WV.  Death date on pension card is suspect or widow's claims are suspect.  Findagrave info contradicts ACWRD info.
Bacon, William M 35               Allegeheny Co., Elizabeth     1823 December 25, 1908 Smithton PA   X 58481778       Other grave stone (SUVCW) Per ACWRD, died in McKeesport, PA; buried in Greenock, PA, died at age of 85.
Bailey, William B 25 dark 5' 11" hazel brown laborer Crawford Co., Pa.       Crawford Co. PA             not found         for disability; 1864 Recruit; per ACWRD born in Crawford Co. PA
Baker, Ellis C 18                       February 7, 1909         not found         1865 Substitute; Federal Pension Information:
He applied for a pension on 12/11/1890 from the state of PA application # 896,897
Baker, Nelson A 31               Woodsfield, Monroe Co. OH   1830? Nov 18, 1897       X 33494084       Wartime article on going home on furlough after getting wounded by bayonet thrust during skirmish No further recorrd per ACWRD; findagrave information needs to be confirmed but possible match based on enlistment age  and birth year (1830) and death year 1897 for findagrave
Bales, Thomas J. E 35                   Cumberland Co. PA   1880 Armstrong Co.  PA   X 43269897         died per Oct. 15, 1884 reunion photo; findagrave info match with gravestone inscription of Co. E 100th PA
Ball, William D 18                       March 25, 1865 Petersburg VA     not found         1865 Substitute; killed at Fort Stedman
Banghart, William D 27                   Northumberland Co., PA Oct 20, 1837 April 25, 1912       X 78670322       Death Record 1865 Substitute
Banks, Samuel A. F 21         farmer East Brook, Pa.         June 21, 1844 December 31, 1916 Zephyr Hills FL   X 33329576         Per ACWRD, birth date and location; sick in hospital when regiment re-enlisted in January 1864.
Bannon, Patrick G. M 20                                 not found         1865 Substiitute and deserter
Barber, John S. E 45 fair 5' 7" blue sandy Moulder     Mercer Co. E. Lackawannock Twp. PA Bulter Co., PA 1817 July 4, 1898   IN     not found X       Wounded at James Island in leg, wounded at Spottsylvania CH in arm per ACWRD.
Barber, Samuel E 19 light 5' 7 1/2" blue brown farmer         penna.             not found         No information found.
Barham, Charles F 42                                 not found         Per ACWRD, 1865 Substitute, POW at Fort Stedman, 3-25-1865
Barker, Cyrus I. A 19                       March 25, 1865 Petersburg VA   X 9733673         Buried in Poplar Grove Cemetery, VA
Barker, Milton G 26                                 Not found         1864 Recruit, no other info available.
Barkhouse, Benj. B 28                       June 24, 1916 Buch WV     not found         1865 Draftee.
Barner, Adam G 26                                 Not found         Per ACWRD, March 1865 subsitute, deserted July 1, 1865.  No other information available.
Barnes, Thomas C 23 dark 5' 6" blue black Coal Miner         Penna. Dec 23, 1840 April 19, 1912         141795879         Per ACWRD, wounded at Spottsylvania CH.
Barnett, Philip S. A 18                     Sept 14, 1846 October 10, 1930 Austin PA   X 27305936         Middle name "Shoaf"
Barr, James A 21                   W. Middleton, PA Aug 28, 1838 March 5, 1919 Norfolk VA     89081522         Birthdate/location info per ACWRD--also lived in Wheeling WV.
Barton, Samuel M 25               Allegeheny Co., Pittsburgh       May 15, 1893         not found         widow Lucy, per 1890 cenus
Bates, Charles E 36           Easton Pond, PA       Penna.   May 12, 1899         not found         1864 Recruit
Bathurst, Henry A. M 35               Laramie, Cheyenne WY               not found         Per ACWRD, sick on steamer West Point, when it sank in the Potomac on Aug 13 1862.
Bauder, Frederick C 23 light 5' 8 1/2" grey red farmer   X     Pa. Jan 18, 1839 June 11, 1919 Portersville PA   X 45064585 X       Per ACWRD, wounded 3 times @ James Island, 2nd Bull Run and Spottsylvania CH, member of GAR post 478 in Mt. Joy, PA
Baughman, John F 39                                 not found         1865 Draftee per ACWRD
Bay, James E. H 19             X         Oct 1, 1864 Andersonville GA     not found         Per ACWRD, Captured 6-2-1864 at Cold Harbor, VA; died as a POW on Oct 1, 1864; buried at Andersonville, GA
Bay, William H 38             X Lawrence Co., New Castle   Neshannock Twp, Lawrence Co, PA March 8, 1826 Jan 26, 1898 New Castle PA   X 9278649 X       Per ACWRD, 1864 recruit wounded at Petersburg (date unknown); wives Nancy McCracken and Mary Marks
Beadel, Conrad G 33                   Germany May 7, 1828 June 19, 1900 Dayton OH     not found         "Bentel?", "Bendel"?; discharged for disability, born in Germany.
Beams, Samuel G 30               Franklin Co., Lurgan     March 27, 1831 May 30, 1900 Franklin Co. PA   X 113984033         Per ACWRD, 1865 draftee or possibly substitute--more research needed.
Bear, George F 33                       January 28, 1901 Upton, Franklin Co PA   X 22988429         Likely found based on findagrave info and pension card death date; per ACWRD 1865 draftee
Beattie, Thomas A 24                                 not found         1865 recruit--listed as POW at Fort Stedman 3-25-1865 per ACWRD.
Beer, Henry D 21 florid 5' 8" hazel dark laborer                       not found         1865 Substitute
Beighley, Sidney P. F 18         farmer Princeton, Pa.         March 16, 1848 Dec 25, 1931 Adams Co. OH   X 183992159         buried in Oak Park Cemetery, Lawrence Co. PA. ACWRD states he was 53 years old at enlistment? CW Veterans Card says 18.
Bell, James I 19                       June 6, 1862 James Island SC     not found         died 6-6-1862 of wounds rec. 6-3-1862
Bell, Joseph W. H 27                                 not found         Per ACWRD transferred from Co. I to H in 1-16-63
Bell, Joseph W. I 18                                 not found          
Bell, Moses M. A 20               Allegheny Co. Chartiers PA W. Alexander, pA   March 27, 1917 Municipal Waste, Pittsburgh PA   X 138412149 X       Per ACWRD, after war lived in Carnegie.
Bender, Samuel K 35               Fulton Co., Todd       April 9, 1920 McConnelsburg PA   X 18726531         1864 Recruit
Bentliff, Jacob G 35                       March 25, 1865 Petersburg VA     16061340         died of wounds rec in action, Poplar Grove Nat Cem, Div A, Section C, Grave 53
Berry, Thomas M 31                                 not found         On 3/7/1865 he mustered as a substitute --
He was Mustered Out on 7/24/1865
Best, Benjamin A 18                     July 13, 1846 March 9, 1912 Pleasant Hills MO   X 65169164 X     death certificate Wounded Oct 2, 1864 at Poplar Grove Church per ACWRD.
Best, John I 42             X         Sept 21, 1862 Nat Mil Asyl Cem DC   X 32235995       he said as he was dying "Oh, ye Comrades, look to Christ and die as I am without a struggle". died of wounds rec. Aug 29-Sept 1, 1862; great biographical info on page.
Beverage, David M 33               Allegeheny Co., Elizabeth       Dec 21, 1889 Greenrock PA     not found       Pension Card widow Catherine per 1890 census; He was discharged for disability (date not stated--(Ribs smashed in accident) He was listed as: *Accident 9/14/1862 South Mountain, MD (Run over by artillery cassion)
Billings, Stephen A 21                       March 3, 1906 Washington Co PA     not found         Death location per ACWRD.
Bird, James G 21                       Nov. 28, 1861 Hilton Head SC   X 2947374         died of laryngitis
Birnley, Thos. H. E 26 light 5' 10" blue sandy farmer     Mercer Co. Pine Twp. PA East Brook, PA May 14, 1838 March 10, 1922 Grove City PA   X 84512535 X       Listed as "Brinley" in Bates Roster; per ACWRD birth date and location, buried in Carpenter Cemetery, Mercer Co. PA
Black William G. F 18 fair 5' 8" blue dark farmer East Brook, Pa.     PA Nehshannock Twp, PA Feb 2, 1845 October 13, 1918 New Castle PA   X 16059674         Per ACWRD, birth date and location; buried in Briar Hill Cemetery, Lawrence Co. PA; age 16 at enlistment per ACWRD; also  discharged in 1862 for disability and re-enlisted 1864.
Black William G. F 18 fair 5' 8" blue dark farmer East Brook, Pa.   PA Nehshannock Twp, PA Feb 2, 1845 October 13, 1918 New Castle PA X 16059674 Per ACWRD, birth date and location; buried in Briar Hill Cemetery, Lawrence Co. PA; age 16 at enlistment per ACWRD; also  discharged in 1862 for disability and re-enlisted 1864.
Black, Henry E 24                                 not found         1865 Subsitute; wounded at Fort Stedman 3-25-1865
Black, James W. B 23 light 5' 10" blue dark farmer Mercer Co., Pa.       Pa.   June 30, 1864 Petersburg VA     not found         Killed 6-30-64 in action near Petersburg, Va.
Black, William F 18 dark 5' 7 3/4" dark brown farmer Scott twp., Pa. Butler Co., Parker Twp. pA Neshannock Nov 20, 1845 30-Aug-1925 Alhambra CA X 9622752 X Closeup image of gravestone with crossed 3-band rifle-muskets. Per ACWRD, after the war lived in Grove City, PA.  Buried in San Gabriel, CA Cemetery, plot N-9, grave 1.
Blair, John K 43                   Lawrence Co. PA Jan 11, 1824 March 8, 1892 New Castle PA     not found         Per ACWRD, listed as 'company cook'; wife Ellen; buried in Greenwood Cemetery; New Castle, PA
Blake, John A 21                                 not found         Jan 1865 recruit; mustered out with regiment 7-24-1865 per ACWRD.
Blake, John Unacc                                             1865 recruit; listed as 'unaccounted for' in ACWRD.
Bland, William G 19                     1842 Aug 29, 1862 Bull Run VA     164084329         Per ACWRD, middle initial "P", killed at 2nd Bull Run 8-29-1862; genealogy info-buried in Zahniser Cemetery, Mercer Co.
Bleckney, Samuel S. H 18                       31-Dec-1912 Blairsville PA   X 95682245         1865 Substitute,mustered out with regiment 7-24-1865; no other information available. "Samuel S. Blakney"
Blinket, Silas H 24               Allegheny Co., Pittsburgh       20-Nov-1929 Pittsburgh PA   X 132381883         1865 substitute--aka William Sunderman (alias)
Bloke, Elias E 22                                 not found         1865 Substitute, no other information available.
Blomberg, Peter A. A 20                       Feb 16, 1862 Beaufort SC     2947423         Per ACWRD: born in Sweden; died in camp while eating his supper; came to USA 3 years before death.
Bogart, Zachariah K 18                       9-Oct-1910       X 102453935         Listed as 1864 substitute in ACWRD.
Bohl, Frederick G 30               Franklin Co., Guilford     1843 9-Sep-1920 Chambersburg PA     40222769         Per ACWRD, 1865 draftee.
Bohlander, Jacob H 21                   Germany Jan 2, 1843 Dec 25 1864 Petersburg VA     not found         Per ACWRD, killed Christmas Day, 1864 in Petersburg, VA; buried in Youngstown, OH
Bohlmen, Henry K 44                   Germany May 28, 1817 July 1, 1889 Greendale PA     not found         Per ACWRD, buried in New Castle, PA in Greenwood Cem; "Bohlman"
Boles, James M. F 21         farmer New Castle, Pa.       Lawrence Co. PA May 26, 1840 15-Dec-1928 New Castle PA     not found         "Boyles", Per ACWRD, discharged for disability 11-3-1862 at Fort Ellsworth, Alexandria, VA for fever; birth info; after war lived in New Castle, PA
Boll, Frank D 20 fair 5' 8" hazel brown carpenter         Switzerland             not found         1865 substitute; deserted 6-30-1865
Book, James J. E 25 fair 5' 7" blue light Toeman         Penna. 1838 1909 Wayne Twp, Lawrence CO. PA   X 16056385         Per ACWRD, buried in Slippery Rock Cemetery, Wayne Twp, Lawrence County, pA
Book, John C. E 18                       June 16, 1862 James Island SC     not found         killed per Oct. 15, 1884 reunion photo
Book, John G.W. E 21 dark 5' 8" grey dark farmer     Butler Co., Worth Twp. PA Worth Twp, Butler Co., PA Sept 4, 1839 11-Mar-1920 New Castle PA   X 23944581         gunshot wound of spine.per ACWRD, wounded 5-12-1864 at Spottsylvania CH, VA and 6-30-1864 at Petersburg, VA
Book, Joseph E. E 25         farmer         Penna.   Jan 3, 1863 Mil Asylum Cem DC   X 32236112         No information found.
Boon, George H 23             X     Blair Co. PA April 7, 1840 14-Feb-1918 Patton PA   X 33956187         Per ACWRD, detailed as Division teammaster, after the war lived in Cambria Co. PA; birth date/location info;
Boon, George I 21                                           Transferred to Co. H 
Boon, Thomas F. A 21                                 not found         No other information found.
Boon, William H 19               Clearfield Co., Beccaria     1845 29-Apr-22 Coalport PA   X 24564889         buried in Utahville Cemetery, Clearfield Co. PA
Boozle, Henry E 18         farmer         Plaingrove, PA   Nov. 25, 1862 Fredericksburg VA     not found       died per Oct. 15, 1884 reunion photo. Died in Co. Tent, per ACWRD.
Bott, William A. H 32 dark 5' 7" blue dark laborer Duquesne, Pa.       Germany July 1, 1828 7-Nov-1910 New Castle PA     138413388         Middle name "Adam", 3 years prior service in another unit (DLW--searched veteran's cards files--no other soldier found); Feb 1865 substitute for Frederick Fiskar? Fisher?, POW at Fort Stedman 3-25-1865.  "William A. Bodd"
Bower, Henry H. K 24                       8-Nov-1918 Reading PA     65090013         Per ACWRD, March 6,1865 substitute, absent without leave at MO July 24, 1865; gravestone on findagrave info indicates also served with Co. H, 104th PA; middle name "Harrison"
Bowers, Joseph M. D 18 dark 5' 3" blue brown farmer         Allegheny Co., PA April 1, 1848 15-Apr-1927 Millersburg OH   X 85215083         Birthdate per ACWRD. Name listed as "Bower" on findagrave page.  Other information indicates same individual.
Boyd, Hugh K 32                   County Tyrone, Ireland 1832? 11-Aug-1914 Pitcairn PA     83736053         Per ACWRD, 1864 recruit, transferred out Jan 1,1865 due to disability--Veteran's Reserve Corps; discharged Aug 8, 1865;  after the war lived in Monroeville, wounded at Spottsylvania CH, VA 5-12-1864--gunshot wound left arm; born in County Tyrone, Ireland. Wife Ann Ardray, son of James and Molly Frazier Boyd; age at enlistment (32) matches projected birth year of 1832 shown on findagrave listing as does birth location of Ireland--more research needed to confirm.  Death date from pension card 11-Aug 1914 is different from findagrave death of Nov 8, 1914
Boyd, William D. D 21 light 6' grey light gentleman         Beaver Co., Pa.             not found         Aug 21, 1861 enlistee, one of only a few Roundhads that enlisted 10 days ahead of the majority of soldiers; deserted 12-10-1862.
Boyer, Edward C 24               Camden NJ     1892         not found         1865 Substitute
Boyer, Jacob F 26 dark 5' 11" black dark carpenter Princeton, Pa.   Lawrence Co. Slippery Rock     1834 1919 Princeton PA   X 67549783         buried in Pleasant Valley Cem, Slippery Rock Twp, Lawrence Co. PA
Boyle, Peter M 22                                           1865 Substiitute and deserter
Boyles, James A. E 18         Wagon Maker     Lawrence Co. New Castle     Feb 19 1843 Nov 4, 1890 Topeka KS   X 22758030         Buried in Bennington Cemetery, Ottawa Co., KS; wounded at Chantilly 9-1-1862 per ACWRD.
Boyles, Thomas C. E 23         Wagon Maker         Venango Co. PA             not found         1861 volunteer; deserted January 16, 1863
Boynton, Daniel I. A 43                                 not found         1865 Substitute
Braden, William L. C 22         Puddler                       not found         Deserted August 4, 1862
Bradley, John W. M 18               Allegeheny Co., Lincoln   Elizabeth, PA June 18, 1844 23-Sep-1915       X 138413815         shot in arm (1890 census); Per ACWRD wounded 3 times, at Bull Run VA on Aug 29, 1862, Jan 1, 1865 at Petersburg, VA and March 25, 1865 at Fort Stedman, VA; after the war lived in McKeesport, PA
Bradshaw, Marion D 20 dark 5' 7 1/2" grey brown farmer         Pa.   31-Oct-1916 Beaver PA   X 46077122         1864 recruit, no other information found per ACWRD.
Brady, John F 23 dark 5' 8 1/2" grey dark cooper         Ireland             Not found         1865 Subsitute, March 9, 1865; deserted May 15, 1865.
Brandon, John H. C 18 light 5' 3" blue brown farmer         Penna. 1847 4-Feb-1931 Cheyenne WY   X 14079043         No other information found.
Breast, John P. E 23 light 5' 9 1/2" blue brown carpenter   X Lawrence Co. North Beaver Twp. PA Penna. Aug 14, 1840 19-Sep-1917 New Castle PA   X 47193502         lost leg June 2, 1864 per Oct. 15, 1884 reunion photo. L. leg shot off at the knee.
Breckinridge, David E 32 light 6' 1/2" grey dark farmer         Liberty Twp, Mercer, PA Oct 15, 1831 Feb 10, 1865 Centreville PA     not found       Account of his wound by surgeon. wounded in head--June 17, 1864, Petersburg, VA; died of his wounds after stays in several hospitals per ACWRD.
Breckinridge, James C. E 21 light 6' 0" black black farmer         Penna. July 23, 1843 March 12, 1887 Mercer Co.  PA     not found         toe amputated based on accident and subsequent gangrene. Info per ACWRD. Buried in Citizen's Cemetery, Mercer Co.
Bretz, Anthony M 18                       15-Jun-1926 Pittsburgh PA   X 16739693         United Cemetery, Pittsburgh, PA
Brice, John G. A 28               Washington Co., Washington WA     3-Oct-1912 Washington PA     138414271         Gun shot right leg
Bricker, Samuel E 24               Franklin Co., Montgomery Twp. PA     20-Apr-1900 Mercersburg PA     not found         1865 Draftee, no other information availalble.
Britch, Raltzer H 31                                 not found         Per ACWRD, name "Baltzer"?, 1865 substitute (mustered in March 1, 1865), Discharged May 30, 1865, 3 months service
Brookiins, Castle A 36                                 not found         1865 Substitute; unusual name turns up nothing!
Brown, James A 22                                 not found         1865 substitute-wounded at Fort Stedman 3-25-1865
Brown, James R. C 18                       Sept 20, 1862 Antietam MD   X 49741407         WIA at South Mountain, MD
Brown, John I 38                                 not found         No other information found.
Brown, John K 38                                 not found         No other information found.
Brown, Louis G 23                                 Not found         1865 substitute
Brown, Wash'n S. E 25         carpenter         penna   July 13, 1863 Jackson MS     not found       died per Oct. 15, 1884 reunion photo. found dead by side of insane asylum at close of battle--no marks on body, died of heart failure. Info per ACWRD.
Brown, William B. D 23               Allegheny Co. Tarentum PA     29-Mar-1921 Tarentum PA     not found         Per ACWRD, was sick on steamer "West Point" when it sank in Potomac River Aug 13, 1862,.
Brown, William H. E                         June 14, 1864 Alexandria VA   X 426956         died of wounds rec May 12, 1864; Alexandria Nat Cem; grave 2,141.
Brown, William K. C 43         farmer           Feb 19, 1814 1905         not found         Lived in Slippery Rock, PA after the war.
Brubach, Philip H 31                                 not found         Per ACWRD, wounded at Poplar Springs Church, VA, 9-30-1864.; discharged for wounds (date not stated)--absent at muster out.
Bruce, James I 18                                 not found         No other information found.
Bruce, William J. E 22 light 5' 5" blue light farmer         Penna.   March 20, 1864 Pittsburgh PA     not found         buried in United Baptist Cem, Scott Twp, Lawrence Co. PA; sick in camp near Braddock, taken to hospital in Pittsburgh.
Bruester, Henry K 29                                 not found         Or "Brewster"; no other information found.
Buchanan, James B 19         farmer Mercer Co., Pa.   Worth PA Mercer Co. PA Nov 8, 1841 15-Sep-1904 New Wilmington PA     121922535         Per ACWRD, buried in Neshannock Cem, Lawrence Co. PA; middle initial "W".
Buchanan, Wm. R. G                         Aug 1878         Not found         1861 Recruit, no other information available.
Buckalew, Abraham M 19               Allegeheny Co., Pittsburgh       19-Dec-1905 Marion, Grant Co. IN   X 2860681         buried in Marion Nat Cem.
Buckalew, Thomp. B 29 fair 5' 9" green sandy rope maker New Wilmington, Pa.   West Middlesex PA Pa. 1833 March 12, 1880 Wilmington Twp, Lawrence Co. PA     122788578         Deserted 3-1-65 near Petersburg, Va. Chg. Removed See Cir. W.D. 3-5-87
Buckelew, Abra'm H 21               Allegheny Co., Pittsburgh       19-Dec-05 Grant Co., Marion IN   X 2860681         death date on findagrave info is the same as 2nd source; need to confirm.
Buckley, Daniel G 20               Mercer Co., Worth PA Worth Twp, Mercer Co., PA 1842 9-May-1916 Venango Co. PA   X 26959575         Per ACWRD, lived in Henderson, PA after the war; also genealogy information on ACWRD and findagrave listings.
Buckley, Enoch G 28               Venango Co., Mineral     1840 29-Jul-1904 Venango Co., Raymilton PA   X 26959858         Gunshot wound in back; per ACWRD, wounded at 2nd Bull Run 8-29-1862.
Buckley, John P. G 30               Mercer Co., Worth     1831 Oct. 11, 1892 Mercer Co. PA   X 27040288         After the war in Henderson, PA per ACWRD
Buckley, Wm. P. G 23               Mercer Co., Worth   Perrine, Mercer Co. PA Dec 27, 1837 26-Jul-1919 Sandy Lake PA X X 38165964         Birth info per ACWRD and
Budd, John C. F 25 fair 5' 7" grey light farmer East Brook, Pa.       Mercer Co. PA   May 12, 1864 Spottsylvania CH VA     not found         Per ACWRD, killed at Spottsylvania CH, May 12, 1864, born in Mercer Co. PA; 1864 recruit
Budd, Joseph McD F 19 fair 5' 7" grey light carpenter Lawrence Co., Pa   Gilliam Co. Arlington Pct. OR Eastbrook Co. Sept 20, 1840 29-Jul-1923 Zephyr Hills FL   X 33329749         Per ACWRD, birth date and location; wounded at Wilderness, VA 5-6-1864 and at Fort Stedman (Petersburg, VA) 3-25-1865; discharged for wounds June 1865
Budsworth, Ralph F 27 dark 5' 4" grey brown laborer         Canada             Not found         1865 Subsitute, March 9, 1865; deserted May 15, 1865.
Bupp, Augustus A 22                                 Not found         1865 Subsitute
Burdett, Oliver H.  M 18             X     Mercer Co.PA Dec 16, 1846 24-Oct-1924 Stoneboro PA   X 138415354         Per ACWRD, 1864 recruit;  birth date and location; age 17 at enlistment; buried at Unity Cemetery--Lackawanock Twp.
Burgess, John H 38                     1824 1890 New Castle PA   X 16049766         Per ACWRD, birth and death years, buried in Greenwood Cemetery, New Castle, PA; discharged for wounds (date and place not stated) per findagrave info.
Burke, Martin A 28                                 not found         Deserted Jan 16, 1863
Burkins, John K 27               York Co, Chancerford   Reading, PA May 9, 1837 14-Feb-1910       X 50425742         Per ACWRD, birth location; 1864 draftee; per findagrave info--middle name William; death date Feb 14, 1910 and birthdate.
Burnes, Robert B 20                     1845 21-May-1919 Maquoketa IA   X 48175885         No other information per ACWRD.
Burns, Elias F 20                       1906 Ogalla KS     not found         Per ACWRD, died in Oghalla, KS, 1865 draftee.
Burns, Jacob K 26                       Sept 1, 1881 Sabula PA     177433953       Shot in head and recovers Per ACWRD, March1865 substitute discharged for wounds June 1865.   The case: Private Jacob Burnes Co K 100th Pennsylvania Volunteers aged 27 years was wounded at Fort Steadman before Petersburg March 25th 1865 by a fragment of shell which entered anterior to junction of coronal and sagittal sutures fracturing the skull to the extent of three fourths of an inch but not detaching the bone He was admitted to Carver Hospital Washington on April 5th 1865 and was transferred on April 9th to Mower Hospital Philadelphia where he was discharged from service on May 29th 1865 with every prospect of entire recovery Is not a pensioner 
Burns, William K 27                                           Substitute - Deserted May 26, 1865 near Tennalytown, D.C.; No other information found--not listed in Bates Roster.
Burtner, John E. C 19 fair 5' 7" hazel black clerk         Freeport, PA Oct 1, 1845 20-Mar-1917 Butler PA   X 39916491         ACWRD--birth date and wounded at Weldon Railroad.
Burton, Thomps'n E 18         Salesman         Schoharie, NY April 13, 1844 15-Feb-1909 Sheboyan MI     not found X       regimental color bearer; living in Youngstown, OH in 1901 per reunion article, per ACWRD he took the colors from wounded color sgt at Battle of South Mountain and retained them until sick in MS campaign.
Bush, John W. F 24                   Lawrence Co, pA Dec 25, 1846 6-Sep-1919 Vassar MI   X 31046428         Per ACWRD, birth info. Buried in Unionville, MI
Buskirk, Levi F 18                                 not found         Per ACWRD, 1865 substitute; after the war lived in Indiana
Bussler, Henry H 18                                 not found         Per ACWRD, March 1865 Substitute--mustered out with regiment.
Butler, William H. F 19                       1911         not found         No information found in ACWRD.
Byers, James P. B 33         farmer Shenango, Pa.   Pulaski PA Mercer Co. PA May 20, 1828 10-Jan-1904 Pulaski PA   X 42821292         Per ACWRD, birth info, also buried in Pulaski cemetery and genealogy info.