Name (wartime image if available) Co. Age at Enlistment Complexion Height Eyes Hair Occupation Family From Link to Bio Migration Location (1890 Census or Other) Migration State Birth Location (location/state) Birth Date Death Date Death Location Death State Link to Obituary Link to Grave Photo Findagrave # Post-War Photo (s) Letters and Diaries Artifacts Links to other information Other Notes
Aberly, Charles A 19                       June 21, 1920 Latrobe PA   X 46989214         1865 Substitute, "Charles Eberle"
Abraham, Clark M 22                   Elizabeth, PA March 11, 1840 May 23, 1930 Pittsburgh PA   X 108461620         1861 recruit; buried in Elizabeth Cemetery; also service with US Signal Corps; commended for coolness under fire; pension info in ACWRD.
Ackworth, John H 20                       January 29, 1920 Nat. Military Home IN     not found         Per ACWRD, he applied for a pension on 3/23/1886 application # 567,056
Action, Thomas A 39                                 not found         1864 Recruit, no other information available.
Adams, William M 27                       December 25, 1904 Bedford Co, New Paris PA   X 16584402         findagrave inscription data wrong--should be Co. M, not A--clearly visible in gravestone photo.
Addison, John M 25                     July 16, 1822 May 30, 1896 Ohio Co. KY   X 125410429         prisoner of war 7-29-1864 in Petersburg, VA; paroled 2-23-1865; widow Elizabeth applied for pension in 1896 from state of KY
Aiken, Joseph M. A 21               Allegheny Co. PA     February 24, 1927 Dayton OH     not found         Pension info in ACWRD listing.
Aikin, David S. C 18 dark 5'7" dark black farmer         Perry Twp, Lawrence Co. PA April 29, 1847 August 1, 1901 Roseburg OR   X 3885505         No other information found.
Aikin, Erskine E. C 20         farmer     Lawrence Co. Perry Twp. PA   March 24, 1841 September 20, 1916 Harmony PA     76395443 X       ACWRD lists burial in Mountville UP Cem, Perry Twp, Lawrence Co. PA
Aikin, James W C 28                   Perry Twp, Lawrence Co. PA Jan 9, 1836 August 5, 1911 Leavenworth KS     not found         ACWRD lists death at Nat. Mil Home in Leavenworth.
Akin, Alexander W. C 21 light 6' 1" grey light farmer Perry Twp, Lawrence Co. PA March 23, 1840 January 11, 1915 Pullman WA X 16049622 Buried in Greenwood Cem, New Castle; promoted to wagoner.
Akins, James A 19 fair 5' 7" blue light farmer         Canada   1907         not found         deserted June 11, 1865; substitute for George Hanna.
Albright, Thomas M 19               Lehjgh, Hanover Twp                 not found         Per ACWRD, substitute that mustered in 3-10-1865 and deserted 5-16-1865 
Albright, Wm. C. H 33                     May 31, 1836 June 5, 1900         70084902         Per ACWRD, 1865 subsitute 2-28-1865, mustered out 7-24-1865
Alcorn, John W. G 24                     1836 June 11, 1866 Mercer Co., Sandy Lake PA     68357861       Findagrave info includes death certificate and record of burial Per ACWRD, discharged for disability, date not stated.
Alexander, John C 19 fair 5' 6" blue brown laborer         Penna.   June 4, 1864 Cold Harbor VA     not found         died from wounds rec June 2, 1864
Alexander, Wm. C. H 21                       Aug 3, 1863 Memphis TN     not found         death date and location from American Civil War Research Database
Alford, Silas W. F 26 sandy 5' 5" grey auburn shoe-maker Lawrence Co., Pa       Penna. Jan 13, 1838 March 25, 1865 Petersburg VA   X 111489384       Escape from Rebel Prison Killed at Fort Stedman; also POW at Danville Prison 7-30-1864 to October 10, 1864--escaped; buried in UP Cemetery, Lawrence Co.; American Civil War Research Database info.
Allen, Henry H. F 19 light 5' 10" brown brown farmer Pine Grove Mills, Pa.           June 4, 1864 Arlington Nat Cem DC   X 40557766         Severe wound at Spottsylvania CH May 12, 1864; right leg amputated per American Civil War Research Database
Allen, James R. B 19 dark 5' 5" blue brown farmer Mercer, Pa.       Shenango Twp, Lawrence Co. PA July 26, 1844 February 21, 1895 Frankilin PA     158891767         wounded in hand on June 30, 1864; returned from hospital on Oct 10, 1864--data from American Civil War Research Database.(ACWRD)
Allison, Joseph A. G 19                       Jan 6, 1862 Beaufort SC     Not found         death date and location from American Civil War Research database.
Allison, William M. F 23         farmer Princeton, Pa. X Lawrence Co. Slippery Rock PA Butler Co., PA May 5, 1832 October 8, 1925 Veradale WA   X 67549649         buried in Pleasant Valley Cem, Lawrence Co. PA
Altherton, John S. M 34                       March 31, 1865 Petersburg VA   X 16061405         Poplar Grove Nat Cem. Div A Sect C Grave 179
Altman, Absalom M 37           Westmoreland Co PA         Oct 7, 1831? Jan 6, 1893? Dayton OH     52871830       May have lived in Phillipsburg, Kansas based on Findagrave info. Per ACWRD died in Soldier's Home, Dayton, OH; based on unusual name and findagrave info showing birth in Westmoreland Co. where Co. M mustered in, I suspect the findagrave info is correct.  
Alton, Samuel M 27               Allegeheny Co., Elizabeth   England   April 11, 1923 W. Elizabeth PA     138403842         survived sinking of Steamer West Point. (ACWRD states died at Dayton, OH)
Ammon, Isaac M 42                       Oct 15, 1862 Baltimore MD   X 71279402         buried in Loudon Nat. Cem.; died of dysentery
Anderson, David B 21         student Philadelphia, Pa.   Bart, Lancaaster Co  PA West Austintown, OH May 6, 1846 June 10, 1924 Austintown, Mahoning Co. OH     23443067 X     Photo for disability; ACWRD data may be incorrect based on findagrave info.  ACWRD states he was born in Ireland and died in Buffalo NY.
Anderson, John M. E 22                   Franklin Co., PA Feb 28, 1843 March 26, 1930 Mercersburg PA     138404147         Per ACWRD, after war lived in Mechanicsburg, PA; pension information regarding Widow Harriett H. Anderson.
Anderson, William A. C 23         moulder             June 16, 1862 James Island SC     not found         killed at Battle of Secessionville
Andras, Charles B 30 dark 5' 6 1/2" grey dark carpenter         Germany             not found         Deserted 6-11-65 at Tennalbytown, D.C.
Andrew, Elmer R. E 18                       October 16, 1924 Tarpon Springs FL     not found         buried in Rose Hill Cem, Cedar Co, Pioneer Twp., IA per ACWRD data; settled in Mechanicsville, IA after the war.
Andrews, Lemuel K 25             X Mercer Co., Mill Creek   French Creek Twp., Mercer Co. PA Dec. 30, 1834 August 12, 1917 Erie (Soldier's Home) PA   X 18367368 X       Per ACWRD, buried at French Creek, Mercer Co. PA; wife Martha Abigail Dean
Angell, Aaron B 20         farmer Mercer, Pa.           Dec 16, 1861 Beaufort SC     not found         Died 12-16-61 at Beaufort, S.C.
Anshutes, Fred'k B 20 fair 5' 2 3/4" grey brown lab.         Germany             not found         Deserted 6-11-65 at Tennalbytown, D.C.
Anthony, Philip F 31 florid 5' 9"   dark farmer Kittanning, Armstrong, Co.       Armstrong Co., Pa.   March 25, 1865 Petersburg VA     54506314         Substitute--killed at Fort Stedman. Buried in Nat Cem, Meade Station, VA per ACWRD.
Applegate, Josiah M 30                     1831 August 12, 1912 Frankford, Pike Co. MO   X 54083257         Per ACWRD, was a POW at Petersburg, VA 7-30-1864; returned 2-23-1865; after the war he lived in Frankford, MO; no service information on gravestone but confident same individual as findagrave info--enlistment age matches birthyear and death location matches MO residence post-war info.
Arbaugh, Jacob P. B 28         blacksmith Shenango, Pa.   West Middlesex PA Westmoreland Co. pA Sept 3, 1833 March 20, 1920 W. Middlesex PA      134953556       Burial Record Per ACWRD, birth info--death date info is different than pension card listings--March 19, 1921.
Archibald, Jas. A. G 30                           IA     Not found         after war lived in Iowa; per ACWRD; transferred from Co. I to G.
Archibald, Jas. A. I 30                                            
Armstrong, Alex W. E 20                   Worth Twp, Butler Co., PA Jan 24, 1841 March 28, 1865 Springdale KS     not found       died before October 15, 1884 reunion picture; Death date and location from ACWRD.
Armstrong, Lewis E. H 18             X Mercer Co., Grove City   Mercer Co. PA March 8, 1847 July 31, 1920 Grove City PA   X 66335318         1864 Recruit, Per ACWRD he lived in Soldiers Home in TN, He applied for a pension on 10/21/1879
application # 317,078; His Widow (Jane Armstrong) applied for a pension on 8/21/1920 from the state of PA
application # 1,163,791
Armstrong, Oliver B 23         lab. Pulaksi, Pa.         Oct 7, 1837 1887 Mercer Co. PA   X 104151567         Per ACWRD, wounded 6-17-1864 in hand; also birth and death dates/locations; burial in Carpenter Cem, Springfield Twp, Mercoer Co. PA
Armstrong, Samuel A. B 28 dark 5' 8" grey dark lab. Pulaksi, Pa.       Mercer PA July 31, 1835 March 18, 1922 Nat. Sold Home PA   X 104151601         Per ACWRD, pension info and birth date/location.
Armstrong, Thom. N. B 21         farmer Allegheny Co, Pa.           Aug 13, 1862 Potomac River VA     not found         Lost on Steamer West Point 8-13-62
Armstrong, Thomas C 25 light 6' 1" brown brown farmer         Worth Twp, PA 1839 May 13, 1864 Spottsylvania VA   X 36384838         ACWRD has birth location listed as  Worth Twp.
Arnold, David M 21                                 not found         On 3/8/1865 he mustered as a substitute and deserted on 6/4/1865 
Asch, Oliver G 20 light 5' 9" blue dark           Philadelphia, PA Dec 26, 1837 Sept 14, 1878 Benton Co IA   X 31230731         On 2/23/1865 he mustered as a substitute--
He was Mustered Out on 7/24/1865
Ashbaugh, James C 17               Armstrong Co., Leechburg PA   Aug 1, 1847 March 25, 1904 Pittsburgh PA     not found         On 3/11/1865 he mustered as a substitute--He was Mustered Out on 7/24/1865; Federal Pension Information: He applied for a pension on 9/10/1883 from the state of PA application # 494,869; His Widow (Minnie Ashbaugh) applied for a pension on 1/23/1917 from the state of PA--application # 1,091,978
His Guardian (Fidelity Title & Trust Co) applied for a pension on 4/19/1904 from the state of PA application # 804,593
Auberry, William P. C 28 fair 6' blue brown farmer         Mercer Co. PA Nov 11, 1835 April 7, 1915 Mercer PA     138404678         ACWRD has 1916 as death year, also pension info listed.  Burial listing indicates name is "William F. Aubeny"
Ault, Joseph R. E 35         Toeman         Penna.   Sept 20, 1862   MD   X 32235742         reported on Oct. 15, 1884 reunion photo, buried in Washington D.C.
Axe, Reuben F 18 dark 5' 6" brown brown farmer Washington Twp., Pa.   Indiana Co. Blairsville PA   1848 December 30, 1917 Blairsville, Indiana Co. PA   X 90044095         1864 Recruit wounded in shoulder at Spottsylvania Court House, VA; Federal Pension Information:
He applied for a pension on 8/31/1871 application # 168,857; His Widow (Elizabeth Axe) applied for a pension on 1/17/1918 from the state of PA
application # 1,113,371