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Wartime CDV (L) and Post-War Etching (R)



Col. Norman J. Maxwell
Below are images of 100th Pennsylvania officers discovered in the US Army Heritage and Education Center's digitized collection of American Civil War images in the Massachusetts MOLLUS collection within the US Army Military History Institute (USAMHI) at Carlisle, Pennsylvania.   This collection has been in the possession of the USAMHI since 1974 for use by historians and documentaries but was just recently digitized starting in 2007, completed in 2009.   There are almost 8,000 plates consisting of single or mulitiple photographs, many of which are identified by hand regarding subject (s) within each individual photograph.  The images below indicate the page or "plate" ID which you can use to search the collection.

--The Websmith, David L. Welch




Lt. Col. Matthew Dawson





Abraham Maas, Asst. Surgeon



Richard Holmes, Quartermaster


1898 Image of Horace Luddington Surgeon

Reverend Robert Audley Browne










Jefferson Justice, Quartermaster




Captain William F. Templeton, Co. A



Killed in Battle at 2nd Bull Run, Aug 30, 1862



Captain James Bard, Co. A


Lt. James W. Montfort, Co. A



Killed at the Crater, July 30, 1864



James W. Montfort, Co. A

Captain Walter Oliver, Co. B







Lt. William Hammond, Co. B


Captain Samuel Bentley, Co.  E
Discharged in 1863, died on April 1, 1865




Lt. David J. Gillfillian, Co. F

Killed at Cold Harbor, VA, June 1, 1864





Capt. Robert J. Ross, Co. H







Capt. Adam Moore, Co. H


Capt. Leander C. Morrow, Co. H
Killed at Petersburg, VA June 17, 1864






Capt. James S. VanGorder, Co. K
Died of wounds received at 2nd Bull Run,VA, August 29, 1862




Lt. Richard Craven, Co. K
Killed instantly at the Battle of the Crater, July 30, 1864, eyewitness accounts state he was obliterated by an artillery shell





Capt. Joseph H. Gilliland, Co. K


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Post-War MOLLUS Medal

Officers of the 100th Regiment, Pennsylvania Veteran Volunteer Infantry, Roundheads

U.S. Military Order of the Loyal Legion (MOLLUS) Collection, Massachusetts, US Army Heritage and EDUCATION CENTER

Presented by Websmith David L. Welch, images cropped from original collection plates and published to 100th PA website



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