Wartime image of  Ebenezer, taken likely around the time of his enlistment with 1st WV Volunteers



Post-war image of E.B. McElroy and wife Agnes McFadden McElroy

Below are images and artifacts of  Pvt. Ebenezer Burton McElroy, or as he was commonly called "E.B. McElroy", who served with Company A of the Roundhead Regiment from 1863 until the end of the war.  In 1861 he started his service with the 1st West Virginia Volunteers, a company that his brother Capt. James McElroy commanded.  

The McElroy family, from Washington County Pennsylvania were stout abolitionists prior to and during the war and Ebenezer's father James was a personal friend of the famous John Brown hung after his pre-Civil War uprising at Harper's Ferry, WV in 1859.   

After the war, E.B. McElroy  migrated to Oregon and had an illustrious career as an educator known throughout the Northwest for his exceptional school administrator success, where he became state superintendent of public schools.  He also was the principal officer in charge of GAR affairs in the state of Oregon.   He died at the age of 59 in May of 1901  in Eugene, OR. 

One of his daughters, Lillian McElroy Taylor, an accomplished organist for silent films at the historic Whiteside Theatre in Corvallis, OR suffered a tragic death after she murdered her abusive husband and then took her own life in 1932.   Ms. McClellan, the contributor of many of the historic images on this page, has written a screenplay pertaining to the life of  E.B.'s daughter, Lillian McElroy Taylor. 

--The Websmith, David L. Welch








Wartime image of Ebenezer with 1st WV band (on far left with drum) and likeness taken while sitting in a chair about the same time period as band photo.


Gold Knight's Templar Piece awarded to E.B. McElroy as part of post-war masonic memberships












Picture of Civil War era box that belonged to E.B. McElroy and handed down to his granddaughter Alicia Hunt, center of photo along with Uncle Howard Nolte (left) and Eloise Nolte Halford (right-Maggie McClellan's mother)






Original Obituary of E.B. McElroy








GAR Calling Card of E.B. McElroy of Salem, OR , found by Websmith at http://www.civilwarbadges.com/cgi-bin/display_Items.asp?Cat=173&Sub=200&page=4


News article/obituary of Lillian McElroy Taylor, E.B. McElroy's daughter who tragically committed murder against an abusive husband then took her own life.  (image from Linda Cunningham Fluharty's webpage at









Circa 1895 Nude Portrait of George McElroy and dog, grandson of E.B. McElroy and son of Willis and Rose McElroy (found by websmith on internet from Oregon State Library Digital Archives


Image courtesy of  the Oregon State Library






















Historic Home of E.B. McElroy and Family in Corvallis, OR at 611 NW Van Buren Ave.    House is on the City of Corvallis List of Historic Homes and was built around 1876 for the McElroy family prior to family moving to Salem where E.B. took the position of State Superintendent of Public Schools and Oregon Department Head of the Grand Army of the Republic (GAR).  The post-war success of E.B. McElroy is amazing for a Civil War veteran that was not an officer.  His motto, according to friends and family was "Work".  --The Websmith





Oregon Literature, by John Horner, 1902 with Eulogy to the recently departed E.B. McElroy and friend and colleague of Horner's at the State Agricultural College in the early to mid 1870s in Corvallis, OR.  Book found as .pdf file in Google books.  --The Websmith












The Story of Oregon, A History with Portraits and Biography, Julian Hawthorne, Volume II, 1892

 Biographical Profile of E.B. McElroy.   Book found as .pdf file in Google books.  --The Websmith








History of the Pacific Northwest, Oregon and Washington,  North Pacific History Company, Volume 2, 1889

 Biographical Profile of E.B. McElroy.   Book found as .pdf file in Google books.  --The Websmith

Note: correction on second entry on third thumbnail should say page 147, not 456.  This passage gives the reader the sense of importance to this man's life as an educator in the State of Oregon and throughout the Northwest. ---The Websmith























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Civil War image in Union sack coat with customary  military  respect having top button buttoned, unknown if image is with Co. B 1st WVI or with Co. A, 100th PVI.

--David L. Welch, Websmith

Pvt. Ebenezer Burton McElroy, Co. A, 100th Regt. Pennsylvania Volunteers and also Co. B, 1st West Virginia Volunteers

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Oregon State Officers 1882-1886 with E.B. McElroy in lower left corner (found on internet by websmith at


Image Courtesy of  the Oregon State Library



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