Newspaper Article on the 72nd Reunion of the Roundheads held in 1937

The Five Surviving Roundheads as of 1937 were: James P. Sankey, Co. K of Crafton, PA (attended); John B. Rodgers, Co. E of New Castle, PA (attended); J.S. Marshall of Co. M of Karns City, PA (attended); Jacob G. Womer of Los Angeles, CA (did not attend); William H. Floore of Houston, TX (did not attend)

Newspaper Article on the 61st Reunion of the Roundheads held in 1926, New Castle News?, No Article Date (Transcribed by Tami McConahy)

Roll Call Finds 21 Old Veterans Able To Answer

Ranks Of Famous Regiment That Went Out Under Colonel Leasure Thinning.


List of Those Who Have Died Since Last Reunion Here Is Read

“Assembly” sounded Friday afternoon for the 100th Pennsylvania Regiment, that regiment that is affectionately known as the Roundheads, and down in the Central Presbyterian church, the remnants of a once powerful regiment met and turned back the leaves of time.

Only 21 of Col. Daniel Leasure’s boys answered roll call this year. The Old Man With the Scythe is rapidly doing what the flower of the Confederacy couldn’t do in four year of warfare, and each year seems more names added to those who have answered Taps.


Nothing Formal

The boys of the Roundheads don’t hold formal reunions any more. Gone is the day when they want to hear a formal program with a barrage of dry speeches. To them the day is one to meet with the lads they marched shoulder to shoulder with, to reminisce on these stirred days outside of Vicksburg, or those warm summer nights in the Wilderness, or the unfortunate days of Cold Harbor. No speakers could take the place of these reminiscences, and Friday’s reunion was one of those kind, a day of memories.

Following a dinner in the dining room of the church, Col. N. J. Maxwell, president of the association called the meeting to order, and Rev. J. R. Rankin opened with prayer. A letter of regret was received from the secretary, Miss Laura Stevenson, who is recuperating from a severe attack of rheumatism, and as a token of her esteem she sent a lovely bouquet. Col. N. J. Maxwell made a short speech to his former comrades in arms, and Rev. J. W. Green of Cincinnati, O., made a brief address. The treasurer’s report was read, and the officers of the past year were re-elected. They are president, Col. N. J. Maxwell, Vice President, Hon - John W. Morrison, Secretary-Treasurer, Miss Laura Stevenson.


Roll Call

At roll call the following members of the Roundheads answered to their names:

Company B - William A. Clark, James Young, Andy Rodgers.

Company D - Jacob Stevenson, Joseph M. Bower.

Company E - Alex Kerr, John A. Magee, John B. Rodgers, Col. N. J. Maxwell.

Company F - William Boyle, Rev. J. R. Rankin, Anderson Sharp.

Company G - Sam Landis

Company H - Alex McKay, Phillip Wagner, Anderson Jones.

Company K - John Cooper, David Crawford, James P. Sankey, Robert A. Smith

Company M - Joseph S. Marshall

Not all those who were present last year answered to the roll call. A number of them had gone on to the Great Assembly where their comrades are gathered, waiting for the final muster. For them the fight is ended and they await the orders of the Great Captain.


Those who have died since the last reunion follow, with the date of their death:

Company A - George O. Jones, November 18, 1925. Simon H. Reed, January 20, 1926. Benjamin F. McClure, July 9, 1926.

Company B - Walter R. Henderson, April 24, 1926. Reuben A. McCrea, December 1, 1925. Reuben Stafford, November 30, 1925.

Company C - Joel H. De Victor, February 21, 1926. Lafayette Shaffer, October 21, 1925. Hiram M. Gill, April 27, 1926.

Company D - John J. Duncan, June 13, 1925. George R. Watt, February 20, 1925.

Company E - John Hanna, August 20, 1925. John Graham, July 19, 1926. Martin Ewing, William P. McCutcheon, July 26, 1926.

Company F - John Alder, December 30, 1925. William Allison, October 8, 1925. Marinus McDowell, May 29, 1926.

Company H - John Knapp, December 14, 1924. John D. Shoaff, October 7, 1925.

Company K - John W. Kline, October 20, 1925. A. T. Young.

Company M - William Magee, July 21, 1926.

Mayor William H. Dunlap acted as general chairman of the reunion and through his efficient efforts and those of the assisting committees, the day was a success. Committees follow:

Ladies Reception, Mrs. Minnie Mayers, Mrs. Jennie Mayne, Mrs. Ira Wagner, Mrs. Jennie Kiser, Mrs. Ola Crill, Miss Rebecca Brown, Mrs. Benjamin Beisel.

Receiving and automobiles, Fred L. Rentz, R. M. Campbell, A. M. Graham, T. B. Wagner, J. J. Fisher. Dinner, Mrs. Charles George. Membership, Samuel Hamilton, W. E. Brown, Harry L. Dunlap. Decorations, Perry Brest, John Offutt, Harry M. Boyles and Robert Eckles.

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