Newspaper Article on the 60th Reunion of the Roundheads held in 1925, New Castle News, No Article Date (Transcribed by Tami McConahy)


Roundhead Regiment Survivors In Reunion

Annual Gathering of Famous Veterans At Central Presbyterian Church.

Thirty-One Members Answer To Roll Call - Col. Maxwell Presides.


Over a hundred persons, including thirty-one survivors of the One Hundredth Pennsylvania (Roundhead) Volunteer Infantry are today in attendance at the sixtieth annual reunion of the survivors of that famous regiment being held in the Central Presbyterian church, endeared to the members of the regiment as “White Hall.”

The morning was spent in registering the visitors and recalling incidents occurring previous to the intervening period of sixty years, since the first reunion was held.


Miss Stevenson Absent.

Annual meeting is being held this afternoon with Colonel N. J. Maxwell of Grove City, the president, presiding. General regret was expressed by the absence of Miss Laura Stevenson, daughter of the regiment and secretary for many years, who is away on account of her health. A letter from her was a feature of the afternoon session.

A committee of citizens headed by Mayor William H. Dunlap and consisting of R. M. Campbell, F. L. Rentz and numerous others had charge today and looked after comfort of the visitors. Miss Anna Gilliland, assistant treasurer of the association, assisted in doing the work usually done by Miss Stevenson.

Dinner was served to the survivors, their wives and families at noon today.


Those Attending.

Survivors of the regiment in attendance today were: John T. Cooper, Company K, Prospect, Pa., R. D. No. 1; A. B. McKay, Company H, Grove City, Pa.; Colonel N. J. Maxwell, Company E, Grove City, Pa.; Alexander M. McKee, Company G, Jackson Center, Pa.; A. R. Kerr, Company E, New Castle, C. M. McNickle, Company F, Eastbrook, Pa.; Martin Ewing, Company E, Harlansburg, Pa.; W. A. Munnell, Company B, Volant, Pa.; A. T. Young, Company K, 106 North Crawford avenue, New Castle, Pa.; S. Landis, Company G, 439 Butler avenue, Mercer, Pa.; Phillip Wagner, Company H, New Castle, Pa.; John Graham, Company E, Volant, R. D. No. 1; John Galey Glenn, Company E. Slippery Rock, Pa.; J. Nessly Kirker, Company C, Ellwood City, Pa.; W. P. McCutcheon, Company E, Titusville, Pa.; Archibald Barnes, Company H, Sandy Lake, Pa.; J. D. France, Company A, West Middletown, Pa.; James P. Sankey, Company K, Crafton, Pa.; R. H. Stafford, Company B, Greenville, Pa; H. H. Gill, Company C, Slippery Rock, Pa.; James Young, Company B, Greenville, Pa; W. R. Henderson, Company G, Grove City, Pa.; Robert A. Smith, Company K, Rochester, Pa.; Marcus C. Christy, Company C, Youngstown, O.; Jacob Wallace, Company I, New Castle; J. F. Marshall, Company M. Harrisville, Pa.; Edwin E. Tidball, Company K, Los Angeles, Cal.; Richard McChesney, Company K, New Castle; H. G. Sharp, Company F, New Castle, Wilmington, Pa.; Amos Daniels, Company F, West Middlesex, Pa.; J. R. Rankin, Company F, Butler, Pa.


Deaths Reported.

The deaths of members of the regiment during the past year follows:

Co. “B” - John Ream, September 16, 1924.

Co. “C” - Wm. Wingert, March 7, 1925.

Co. “D” - Chaplain A. M. Reed, Greenville, Pa., June 3, 1925.

Co. “D” - Torrence F. Young, Oil City, Pa., April 8, 1925

Co. “E” - Reuben F. Andre, or Elmer R. Andrew, October 16, 1924.

Co. “F” - David W. Runkle, Monmouth, Ill., April 7, 1925.

Co. “G” - Wm. Clulow, March 1, 1925.

Co. “G” - Richard H. Lymer, September 7, 1924.

Co. “H” - John W. Cooney, January 8, 1925

Co. “H” - Elias Curtis, Ledyard, In., March 24, 1925

Co. “H” - Wm. C. Wilson, R. D. No. 3, City.

Co. “H” - Michael Moss, Mineral City, O.

Co. “K” - Wm R. McCormick, Los Angeles, Cal., November 10, 1924.

Co. “M” - Oliver H. Burdett, Jackson Center, Pa., October 24, 1924.

Co. “H” - Geo. W. Mogie, April 13, 1925



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