Newspaper Article on the 59th Reunion of the Roundheads held in 1924, New Castle News, August 27, 1924 (Transcribed by Tami McConahy)




Committee Named At Roundhead Reunion To Take First Steps.

Forty-Two Survivors Attend Gathering - Program Is Most Interesting.


Action which may ultimately mean a memorial hall in New Castle was taken Tuesday afternoon at the fifty-ninth annual reunion of the 100th Pennsylvania (Roundhead) regiment in Central Presbyterian church. At that time a resolution was drawn up and committees appointed to investigate the possibility of such a move and it was advised that the committees act promptly to determine the sentiment of the county relative to a hall.

New Castle and Lawrence county are particularly rich in records and valuable relics of the Civil War. The gavel which was used to call the meeting to order Tuesday was carved from the wood from Libby prison and also from other landmarks of Civil War days and presented to the Roundhead society some time ago by C. C. Lobingier of Fitzgerald, Georgia, veteran. The city is also in possession of the first recruiting flag to have been waved here descended from Captain J. H. Gilliland of Company K. There are all the records of the Roundhead regiment one of the most prominent contingents fighting to save the flag in the years of 1861 - 65, collected by J. C. Stevenson, secretary, until his death.

These things the veterans believe are worthy of a sanctuary and it is their hope to realize the dream of many years in the building of a memorial hall.


Names Committee.

Colonel N. J. Maxwell, Grove City, president, named the following committee to look into the matter:

Company A - George O. Jones, Washington, Pa.; Company B - W. A. Munnell, Volant; Company C - J. Nessly Kirker, Ellwood City; Company D - Joseph M. Bower, Millersburg, Ohio; Company E - J. A. Magee; Company F - H. G. Sharp, New Wilmington; Company G - Samuel Landis, Mercer; Company H - Philip Wagner, New Castle; Company I - Jacob Wallace, New Castle; Company K - Robert A. Smith, Rochester, James P. Sankey, Crafton; Company M - Will Madge, Butler.

Ralph Campbell, T. B. Wagner, John Lockhart, W. J. Offutt, Fred Emery, Dr. Lee Boyles, Don DuShane, J. A. Chambers, Clyde Lockhart, William J. Moffatt, Johnson Fisher, Fred L. Rentz, Joseph T. Campbell, A. Martin Graham, Samuel Hamilton, William E. Browne, Dr. Herman Boyles, Harry L. Dunlap, Perry Brest, John Offutt, Harry M. Boyles and Robert Eckles.

Only Committee Survivor.

During the business session Colonel N. J. Maxwell, Grove City, was re-elected president of the Roundhead society. He is the only surviving member of the original committee which met in Pittsburgh, November 18, 1886 for the purpose of organizing the one hundred Pennsylvania (Roundhead) regiment society. Mr. Maxwell though in his ninetieth year is active and hearty and creditably dispenses the duties of his office.

The other officers elected are Frank L. France, West Middletown, first vice-president; Philip Wagner, New Castle, second vice president; Rev. A. M. Reed, Greenville and Rev. T. W. Douglass, D. D., Franklin, chaplains; Laura M. Stevenson, secretary and treasurer; Miss Anna Gilliland, assistant treasurer, and Mrs. Catherine B. McNees, Tullahoma, Tennessee, assistant treasurer.


Comes From Wyoming.

Something of the pre-war spirit which characterized the meetings held in old White Hall now the Central Presbyterian church at the out-break of the conflict was again present in the gathering Tuesday. Some twenty-one hundred of the countys youth marched away with the one hundredth regiment and according to best information approximately only one hundred are living today. Forty-two of this number were present Tuesday. Jim Quest, one of the boys came fifteen hundred miles from Upton, Wyoming, to be present. Rev. J. R. Rankin of Los Angeles, California, was there and others came from Texas, Florida, Indiana and Ohio. Twelve members of other regiments of the Civil War were also present.

The reunion opened in Central Presbyterian church with Colonel Maxwell, president in the chair. Following the opening prayer by Rev. S. M. F. Nesbitt, Wooster, O., formerly pastor of Central Presbyterian church and honorary member of the society, the committee on officers and time and place was appointed. The veterans were then taken to the First United Presbyterian church where dinner was served by the Ladies Association of the church. One hundred and fifty guests were seated and the dining room was draped in patriotic colors and American flags. A musical program was presented by the Emery orchestra under the direction of Fred Emery, chairman of the music committee. The music throughout the day was perhaps one of the most pleasant features to the veterans. At Central church following dinner, selections were given by Lawrence Thompson, Mrs. P. Johnson Fisher, accompanist. Patriotic airs were also played by Mrs. Johnson and Mr. Thompson.


Welcome Roundheads.

At the opening of the afternoon program Honorable William Dunlap, mayor of the city and son of the late Hamilton R. Dunlap of Company K welcomed the Roundheads on behalf of the city and the welcome to the county was extended by Honorable S. P. Emery, judge of Lawrence county. Short talks were given by Rev. A. J. Randles, D. D., pastor of Second United Presbyterian church, Honorable Fred L Rentz, honorary member of the society, P. K. Stevenson of the Board of Trade, Honorable W. J. Moffatt, James A. Gardner, Rev. A. J. Rankin and George W. Dungan. Each of the speakers emphasized law enforcement and the need of strengthening the principles of right for which the veterans battled and saved the flag.

Perhaps the most impressive moment of the meeting was the memorial service when all heads were bowed in memory of the departed members. Twenty-two have passed away since the reunion was held one year ago.


Letters Read.

The secretary read interesting notes from a number of the members who were unable to be present, including the following, W. H. Floore, Houston, Texas; J. H. Templeton, Oskeloesa, Iowa; John Shields, Washington, Iowa, Mr. Shields reported that Thomas Martin had died in California; Jacob Stevens, Pittsburgh; Wesley H. Smith, Fulton, Iowa; Oliver H. Burdett, Jackson Center; W. F. Lyon, Rochester, Pa.; F. C. Randolph, Jerome, Idaho; Joseph H. Marshall, Florence, Kansas; B. F. McClure, Burgettstown, Pa.; David D. Dunkle, Monmouth, Illinois; John W. Morrison, Harrisburg; William R. McCormick, Los Angeles, California; Jessie P Dulhane, Napa, county, California; William A. Clark, St. Marys West Virginia. Katherine Book McNees, Tullahoma, Tenn., sent her regrets at not being able to be present. This is her first absence in many years.

In addition to the resolution relative to the memorial hall, a motion was also passed to the effect that the effort to enroll honorary members including the direct line, sons, daughters, grandsons and grand daughters be encouraged. Samuel Hamilton, son of Major Thomas J. H. Hamilton of Company D. was appointed chairman of the committee on honorary members. The report of the treasurer was also accepted and ordered placed in the minutes.

On the motion of Robert A Smith of Rochester, Pa., a vote of thanks was extended the officers of Central Presbyterian church for the use of the church, the mayor and his corps of assistants who helped to make the reunion the remarkable success that it was.

The twelve members of other regiments of the Civil War present were J. B. Caldwell, North Lee avenue, New Castle; Andrew Glenn, New Castle; William J. Adams, Beaver Falls; Thomas A. Baker, Ridkey, Indiana; A. E. Russell, Oil City, Pa.; T. C. Sharp, New Castle; G. A. Dungan,, Elcampo, Texas; George W. Dungan, Orlando, Florida; J. C. Marquis, Philadelphia; Frank E. Cunningham, New Castle; Adam Onstott, New Castle; James A. Gardner, New Castle.


Those Present.

Those attending who were members of the regiment were:

Company A. - Officer N. J. Maxwell, Grove City, Pa.; John D. France, West Middletown, Pa., and George O. Jones, Washington, Pa.

Company B. - W. A. Munnell, Volant, Pa.; Reuben Stafford, 25 Lancaster avenue, Greenville, Pa., and George Preston, Volant, Pa.

Company C. - Marcus C. Christy, 22 West New Court, Youngstown, O.; J. Nessley Kirker, 701 Line avenue, Ellwood City, Pa., and Francis H. Kirker, 205 Center avenue, Aspinwall, Pa.

Company D. - Jos. M. Bower, Millersburg, O.; Rev. A. M. Reed, Greenville, Pa., and Torrence F. Young, Oil City, Pa.

Company E. - J. G. Glenn, Slippery Rock, Pa.; John Graham, Volant, Pa; A. R. Kerr, 304 North Beaver street, New Castle, Pa; J. McCommon, Grove City, Pa; W. P. McCutcheon, Titusville, Pa.; and Martin Ewing, R. D. 4, New Castle, Pa.

Company F. - J. M. Boyles, 31 1/2 North Mill street, New Castle, Pa.; C. M. McNickle, R. D. 9, New Castle, Pa.; J. Jim Quest, Upton, Wyoming; Rev. J. R. Rankin, Butler, Pa.; and Long Beach, California; H. G. Sharp, New Wilmington, Pa., and M. K. McDowell, Volant, R. D. 3.

Company G. - W. R. Henderson, Grove City, Pa.; Samuel Landis, 439 East Butler street, Mercer, Pa., and Rev. T. M. Douglass, Franklin, Pa.

Company H. Archibald Barnes, Sandy Lake, Pa.; Alexander B. McKay, Grove City, Pa., and Philip Wagner, 19 North Mercer street, New Castle, Pa.

Company I - Jacob Wallace, Pearson street, New Castle, Pa.

Company K. J. T. Cooper, R. D. 1, Prospect, Pa.; David Crawford, 1317 23rd street, Beaver Falls, Pa.; Richard McChesney, East New Castle, Pa., Route 1; Robert A. Smith, Rochester, Pa., New York ave.; A. T. Young, R. F. D. 4, New Castle, Pa.; Jas. P. Sankey, 242 Noble avenue, Crafton, Pa., and Alfred C. Balls, Dayton, O.

Company M. - William Madge 427 Federal street, Butler, Pa., and Adam Zimmerman, Hoyt street, Warren, O.


Deaths Reported.

Deaths reported since last reunion are as follows:

Company A: Wm. P. McGill, died August 16, 1923; Alexander Kerns, died February 22, 1924; James Dalton.

Company B: Andrew K. Root, died February 2, 1924.

Company C: Joseph N. Elder, died August 19, 1923; Capt. William James, died December 11, 1923; Samuel F. Miller, died December 29, 1923; William Smiley, died June 9, 1924.

Company D: William H. Dunlap, died September 29, 1923; Abraham Goss, died February 3, 1924.

Company E: William R. Gealey, died August 27, 1923; William A. Kerr, died November 13, 1923.

Company F: J. B. Carr, died April 24, 1917; Thomas J. Martin, died April 29, 1924.

Company G: A. J. Jacobs, died August 14, 1924; James B. Page, died November 18, 1923; Henry Westlake, died August 25, 1923.

Company H: Elijah D. Powell, died February 18, 1924; Hezekiah R. Sankey, died February 12, 1024.

Company K: Charles C. Craven, died April 8, 1924; Henry L. H. Rhodes, died February 10, 1924.

Company M: William S. Abraham, died October 18, 1923; Walter R. Collins, died December 29, 1923.


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