Newspaper Article on the 55th Reunion of the Roundheads held in 1921, Grove City Reporter? (Transcribed by Tami McConahy)



Fifty-fifth Annual Reunion of Veteran Organization Planned for Friday

Twenty Members Answer Last Call During Past Year; Children Carry On

Tomorrow morning at 10 o’clock there will assemble in “Old White Hall,” now the Central Presbyterian church on the Diamond, survivors of the famous “Roundhead” regiment of the Civil war and their families, it being anticipated that somewhere in the neighborhood of 150 to 200 persons will be present.

The day will mark the 55th reunion of these old soldiers who fought so bravely and well for their country during that dark period of United States history and New Castle is privileged to have them assemble here from year to year.

Two Meetings Planned

The day’s program includes two meetings during the day, one at 10 o’clock in the morning at which registration and important business will take place and one in the afternoon at 2 o’clock when reports will be read and other incidental business will be transacted. Dinner will be served at 12 o’clock noon by the Lady’s association of the First U.P. church, this church being selected for the dinner place in that it was the pastorate of the late first chaplain for the Roundheads. Following is the program in its entirety:


Prayer - Chaplain

Roll Call.

Minutes of last meeting.

Address of welcome.

Appointment of committees, viz.; new officers and place of meeting; collection of dues.

12 o’clock - Dinner, First U.P. church

2 p.m. - Business meeting, viz.; reports of president, reports of treasurer, reports of secretary, reports of deaths during the year, reports of committees.


Officers of the Roundhead association during 1919 and 1921 were:

President - J.S. DuShane of New Castle, Pa.

Vice President - Phillip Wagner of New Castle, Pa.

Chaplains - Rev. A. M. Reed of Greenville, Pa., and Rev. T. W. Douglass of Franklin, Pa.

Treasurer - George O. Jones of Washington, Pa.

Secretary - Miss Laura M. Stevenson of New Castle, Pa.

Assistant Secretary - Mrs. George W. McNees of Kittaning, Pa.


During the past year a number of Roundheads have been mustered out for the last time, these including the following:

Band - Forbes Holton of Pittsburgh, February 20, 1920.

Co. “A” - W. H. Underwood of Washington, Pa., April 26, 1920.

Co. “B” - Robert E. Reed of Andalusia, Ill., April 6, 1920; Henry C. Smith of New Castle, Pa.

Co. “D” - Robert Miner of Salem, O., September, 1917.

Co. “E” - David Locke of New Castle, Pa., March 3, 1920; J. G. W. Book of New Castle, Pa., March 12, 1920

Co. “F” - James M. Vance of New Castle, Pa., February 17, 1920; E. M. McMillan of New Castle, July 9, 1920; John W. Knox of New Castle, Pa., July 10, 1920; William G. Black of New Castle, Pa.

Co. “G” - Thomas Fisher, Grove City, Pa., November 1, 1920; Henderson George of Indianapolis, Ind., June 14, 1920.

Co. “H” - John Ackworth, January 30, 1920; Thomas Chapin, January 27, 1920; Lewis E. Armstrong of Grove City, July 31, 1920; John H. Whitstone of Jeannette, Pa., March 14, 1920

Co. “K” - George W. Boyles of Los Angeles, Cal., January, 1919.

Co. “M” - Charles H. White, October 16, 1917; John Nicholson of Butler, Pa.


Formed in 1886

In connection with the reunion tomorrow it is interesting to note that the origin of the Society of Roundheads was first discussed informally one afternoon in the summer of 1886 while Captain James L. McFeeters, Lieutenants Samuel L. Montgomery and John W. Morrison were spending an hour socially with Dr. Horace Luddington in Pittsburgh. The (illegible text). The question met with favor and the men decided to get in touch with former comrades. The call for a meeting was signed by Colonel N. J. Maxwell, last commander of the regiment and the first meeting was held on November 18, 1886.

The second meeting took place in “Old White Hall,” New Castle, September 17, 1867, and every year since, there have been similar gatherings though each reunion notes the absence of several comrades. The constitution provides, however, that the children and children’s children can rally around the old standard and thereby make the Roundhead organization a perpetual one.


Were in Many Battles

During the war period, upwards of 2,000 enlisted in and served with the 100th regiment, but of this number only about one-tenth are now living. These are scattered all over the United States and although some are too far away to be at the gathering tomorrow, several have written letters which will be read during the meeting.

The 100th regiment was organized August 28, 1861, re-enlisted January 1, 1864, and was mustered July 24, 1865. A list of the engagements follows:


Port Royal, S.C. Nov. 7, 1861

Port Royal Ferry, S.C. Jan. 1, 1862

James Island, S.C. June 3 and 16, 1862

Bull Run, Va. Aug. 29 and 30, 1862

Chantilly, Va. Sept. 1, 1862

South Mountain, Md. Sept. 14, 1862

Antietam, Md. Sept. 17, 1862

Fredericksburg, Va. Dec. 12 and 13, 1862

Siege of Vicksburg, Miss. June 15 to July 4, 1863

Jackson, Miss. July 11 to 15, 1863

Blue Springs, Tenn. Oct. 10, 1863

Campbell Station, Tenn. Nov. 16, 1863

Siege of Knoxville, Tenn. Nov. 18 to Dec. 5, `863

Fort Sanders, Tenn. Nov. 29, 1863

Wilderness, Va. May 6, 1864

Spottsylvania, Va. May 12, 1864

North Ann River, Va. May 23, 1864

Bethesda Church, Va. June 1, 1864

Cold Harbor, Va. June 2, 1864

Petersburg, Va. June 17, 1864

Mine Explosion, Va. July 30, 1864

Weldon Rail Road, Va. Aug. 19 and 21, 1864

Poplar Grove Church, Va. Sept. 30, 1864

Hatcher’s Run, Va. Oct. 27, 1864

Fort Stedman, Va. March 25, 1865

Final Assault on Petersburg, Va. April 2, 1865


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